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a red composition 4U, 1967 Photogramm 125 Cm X 90 Cm 155 X 120 1.8600 M2 © 1/10
spece cuts 5, 1965 Phptography, Diapositives 60 Cm H X 90 Cm Width 0.5400 M2 © 1/10
like an eruption, 1992 Photogramm 60x90 Cm © 1/20
blackscoop91, 1970 Photography Otherwise 130cm X 86 Cm 160x110 1.7600 M2 © 1/20
interactive lites 555, 1970 Photography 110 Cm X 75 Cm .8250 M2 © 1/10
No Title, 1980 Photogramm 366 Cm X 68 Cm © 1/3
walking sticks, 1990 Pgotography In Expansion 87 Cm X 138 Cm © 1/10
light rays front, 1968 Photography 140 Cm X 100 Cm 180x110 1.9800 M2 © 1/10
triangle physiogramm , 1970 Photography 90 Cm X 120cm © 1/10
three red dots, 1990 Space Photography 70 Cm X 100 Cm © 1/10
moonllight trackings, 1965 Photography 150 Cm X 100 Cm 1.5000 M2 © 1/10
light outbrakes 70, 1970 Photography 75 Cm X 110 Cm © 1/10
safran113, 2002 Photography 115 Cm H. X 145 Cm Widtg 1.6675 M2 © 1/10
deep insight 02, 1975 Photography Aspects 93 Cm H. X 140 Cm Width © 1/5
areliefinnegative, 1980 Photography 100 Cm X 140 © 1/5
interpenetrating71AB, 1990 Photography And Light Sources 75 Cm H. X 200 Cm Width © 1x100
Full Swing Photogramm, 1970 Photography 95 Cm H. X 140 Cm Width 1.3300 M2 © 1/10
blacknwhiteretake201ab, 2006 Computer 100 Cm X 70 Cm © 1/5 giclee prints by artslant delivery 1500 usd all fees inclusive
insidearednblackdilemma -hassan-, 2002 Beyond Photogramms 150 Cm X 122 Cm © 1/10
WALLDESIGN11d, 2002 Photographic Design 200 Cm X 60 Cm 1.2000 M2 © 1/20
multiplicitiesDSC098, 1980a Expanded Photography 90 Cm X 70 Cm © 1/20
LIGHTPLAYSABAS, 1990 Photography 95 Cm X 63 Cm © 1/20
Condensed gramm, 1980 Photography 90 Cm X 50 Cm © 1/20
Rolling Away, 1970 Photography 85 Cm X 54 Cm © 1/20
TektripletABD, 2005 Computergram 105cm X 70 Cm .7350 M2 © 1X10
new horizon, 1980 Photography 150 Cm X 100 Cm © 1/10
megaduplicate24, 2000 Photogarphy 87 Cm H. X 186 Cm Width © 1/10
scrabbling in, 2005 Photography 43 Cm X 88 © 1/10
malkasten3, 2004 Photography Construction 140 Cm X 90 Cm © 1/5
rolling on, 1970 Still Photography 87 Cm X 60 Cm 107x80 .8560 M2 © 1/25
Swinging more, 1970 Photographical Expansions 100 Cm X 70 Cm © 1/10
a square plotting, 1970 Photogramme 60 Cm Width X 40cm Height 0.2400 M2cm © 1/40
RedBalance201, 1970 Photography 70 Cm X 50 Cm .3500 M2 © 1/50
REVERANS, 1973 Photography With Light 90 Cm X 65 Cm © 1/20
ztquartetAAA, 2008 Photographic Computer Digitals 65 Cm X 85 Cm © 1/20
free hand scoop 3, 2008 Digital Photography 130 Cm H. X 90 Cm Width © 1X10
dual tab, 2007 Digital Photography 140 Cm H. X 110 Cm Width © 1 x10
freeforms of peace, 2004 Digital Aspects Of Computer 110 Cm X 110 Cm © 1/10
rolling circles 4, 2007 Computer Extended Photography 130x130 Cm © 1/10
digitalexplosion4AB, 2010 Digital Composition From Computer Software 130 Cm H. X 100 Cm Width © 1/5
with the black post 1, 2010 Photography And Computer 129 Cm X 129 Cm © 1/5
dekonstrukt444, 2010 Computergram 110 Cm Width X 88 Cm .9680 M2 © 1/5
yswear, 2004 Photography 119 Cm X 85 Cm 1.015 M2
ZYCOGREY, 2004 Photography 80 Cm X 50 Cm .4000 M2
boom00, 2007 Photography With A Pc 70 Cm X 110 Cm .7700 M2
Circles Round About, 2010 Photography Beyond Computers 110 Vm X 65 Cm .7150 © 1/20
NO SIMULATION, 2010 Photography Beyond Computer 250 Cm X 150 Cm 3.7500 M2 © 1/10
vitalized512, 2005 Photography Beyond Computers 100 Cm X 75 Cm .7500 M2 © 1/10
alternative diagonals, 2010 Photography 60 Cm X 45 Cm © 1/40
you sign it 23, 2010 Photography 110 Cm 140 Cm © 1/10
Vertical variations, 1975 Photography With Light 42 Cm X 80 Cm © 1/20
The moon adventure, 16.11.2010 Photography 98 Cm X 55 Cm © 1/10
HOWHIGHTHEMOON, november16 2010 Skyphotography 107 Cm X 68 Cm
bloodimbibed, 2010 Photography And Beyond 150 Cm X 110 Cm 1.6500 M2 © 1/10
a visual, 2007 Computer Photo 150 Ccm X 80 Cm 1.200 M2 © 1/5
wonder tufts, 2003 Photography 157 Cm X 127 1.9039 M2 © 1x10
Oops, 2009 Photo 48 X 48 Inches © 1/5
reddoo61, 2008 Photography, Digitals 67 Cm H. X 97 Cm Width .6499 M2 © 1/5
pasdequatreabcd, 2007 Mixed Media Photgraphy 60 Cm H X 127 Cm Width © 1/10
ooops 3, 2009 Mixed Media 120 Cm H X 100 Cm Width © 1/5
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istanbul, turkey
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new media photography
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creative with photography pop surrealism photography abstract photography layouts at chance compositions conceptual sculpture, exhibition/performance

this line reveals post-modernism notes


please make all your questions and contacts at these email addresses... the repetitive insinuations on new art forms should urge you to participate contributions to you can also contact us <> as an additional email link -teoman madra- also <> <> <>


selected ART QUOTATIONS 4U in a series of multimedia graphic tablets will be presented as below for more e-mail add-ins on your side for further artistic communications of this blog..... -john cage, marshall mcluhan, joseph beuys, paul virilio are amongst the quoted art people-

it is best to move us beyong skepticism, irony and commodification >> environment is a process, not a container >> ART+technology - there is nothing like learning by doing ART HISTORY SHOULDN'T BELONG TO SCHOLARS >> to make people free is the aim of art, thefore art for me is the science of freedom -JOSEPH BEUYS >> you need to have confidence in the inevitability of the progress >> if the mind is disciplined the heart quickly turns from fear towards love >> ART INVOLVING COMPUTERS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SUGGESTS DEEP SEATED FEARS OF THE MACHINE COMING TO DOMINATE THE HUMAN WILL AND OF A TECHNOLOGICAL FORMALISM ERASING HUMAN CONTENT AND VALUES >> art is either a complaint or something else >> SOMETIMES BORING SOMETIMES PLEASINGAND SO ON, HOW TO LIVE IN A STATE OF ACCORD is the talent >> YOU CAN THINK A PIECE OF MUSIC AS A REPRESENTATION OF A SOCIETY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE LIVING IN >> THOU SHALL N EVER STEAL AGAIN>> the only sollution to the suppresion and realization of Art lies in the emergence of the TAZ ...... >>

re:globalization >> recently art has become uncultivated >> art always remains to be something completely different than mathematics >> art has nothing to do with truth >> birçok asamada sanatsal düzeyin öngörülmesi >> imagine the art work 1 >> imagining the contemporart art >> ezzthetic flamboyance >> the role of laptop >> controling_and_adjusting_life >>ninetynine percent of the population who do not understand calculus >> to be persistent in producing aesthetic items >> what is a blog >> the existence of real art must reach the masses in one way >> graphic statements -no text- 4U >> are you hungry for aesthetics >> random quotations on new technology -july 07- that has been obtained while surfing from the internet >>


MULTI MEDIA SHOWS SINCE 2005 roxy >> >> artalan sergisi >> dusseldorf malkasten kunsverein >> galataperformns'ta gösteri >> borusanda >>


my picture (2007):  ....AKM video show 1989:p restany visiting istanbul

early works 1966:.. .


As a multi media photographer and performance artist i photographed abstractions, art works, portraits, objects, archeological sites, buildings, urban and rural sites, interiors, family pictures, plantations, plants, flowers, dancing people, modern dances and other things... However all my pictorial compositions usually artistic and aesthetical anxieties and deep interests for detailed measures


Furthermore, in order to make my shows from my archive photographs, since the very beginning i used soundtrack music selections from new music possibilities: ranging from jazz music to a wide scope for contemporary new musics, like electronic music, modern jazz, ligeti, stockhausen, xenakis, boulez, varese, penderecki and some completely coverage of john cage cd's etc during more than four decades of duration




Bu anlamın süreci içinde, devamlılığı Cage mekan kapsamındada  inceledi. Cage, deneysel bir etkinliği mekansal ayrışım olarak varsaydı. Süreç II olarak bir beste Kararsızlık diye isimlendiriliyordu.

Çoğu kez, insanlar kalabalık bir halde bulunuyorlarsa, koyunlar gibi davranacakları olasılığı vardır. Bu nedenle, mekansal ayrışım yapıldığı zaman, kişisel etkinlik yapan için  daha bağımsız olmasına yarar olur. Çevredeki sesler ve etkinliklerle fazla bağımlı olmayan sesler ve başka davranışlar böylece serbestçe varolabiceklerdir. (77)

NOW click this

2010.11.11   İn my salesroom project for two months duration 77 photos with digital arts and illustration imageries which are offered for sale in the intermediacy of The artworks will be one giglee edition only at three different delivery selling prices 2300 usd -one side is bigger than 40 inches, at 1800 usd bigger side length longer than 30 inches, 1300 usd one side longer than 20 inches. Sale notices of certificates will securely prove artists signature beyond the uniquenesses of the work fields in avantgarde and experimental features. All artworks are willingly and invitingly open to individual art criticisms and personal evaluaton. with minimum subjectivities involved on our parts. Teoman Madra  namoet2@gmail.ctechnology of tears 2008 newyork visit photos and derek bailey


our electrically-configured world has forced us to move from the habit of data classification to the mode of pattern recognition. We have now become aware of the possibility of arranging the entire human environment as a work of art, as a teaching machine designed to maxximize the perception and make everyday learning a process of discovery. Environments are not passive wrappings, but are, rather, active processes which are invisible. The method of our time is to use not a single but multiple models for explorations.      -quotations are from mcluhan texts- this is an illustration on new aesthetics


OPEN PHOTOGRAPHY  -teoman madra-

All photos here may best be explained as products of  "new technological tools needing to be very securely handled with human references and only with creativity in order to avoid the apparent mechanization dangers"

sets here dating also-5 nov 2010- you can  click just here PHOTOGRAPHY with ELASTIC MIND seems a main concern here and within this teomanmadra photostreamings ....ABOUT elestic mind -an exhibit by that name in NY.. .....and here is another upload : dated september 2010  a new video with many others preceding back 'n forth /

expansion of this section this time from the start with add ons aims to maintain a simultaneity of new visuals and more - - experimental and figurative ones techniquewise merge into one single style of authors perceptive tendencies...

I believe when you are photographing with technological tools, you have to be creative and try ways, experimental and new, out of the existing possibilities. When you are doing art you can be very subjective with the compositions, finding always new aesthetical items being subjective, with the subject you are photographing that renders expressivity to your works. While your points of views are involved into your works, you may make them more shareble and interactive and live as well. For my abstract photos, abstract elements being attached to my photographs, it involves an active synergy for creativity. Considering the technological tools, Fluxus today and Modernity now can be said shortly for concepts, and the art involvements to be explained are within these new tools being approached innovatively. Furthermore, your creative habits resume otherwise when you photograph anything later on.






a poster for this page -just click or send it-

/A retrospective and live exhibition is under-construct /ion here a profile is starting off with a building up duration, as an online and live retrospective multimedia exhibition of myself with  teoman madra artworks selected carefully from an archive of over four decades. Finally, such a phase of preparation of the profile within an under construction  phase will apparently become a very practical vehicle for myself -teoman madra- to present so many archive art works to my acquaintances, interested people and eventually for sale. The second phase of  the profile, with an advisable number of artworks being completed and relative selling prices are uploaded, my commercial artslant salesroom activation to find interested customers then on will continue most carefully and with adequate marketing know how. However,under   all realistic circumstances, in this period my artworks will probably get referred as emergent artist presentations 1965-2010

TEOMAN MADRA new media  -photography and video- artist  URLS : - -

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The essential basic and theoretical aspect still remaining mysterious to me as the musical fifty percent of my works is new jazz, contemporary modern music world  wide, namely jcage, ligeti, berio, boulez, xenakis, penderecki etc and   techno music and  other electronic musics all constituted as  most valuable constituents of the utopia mulftimedia art  today...


As for  the technological landslides that were  available for practicing video, EARLY COMPUTERS, present pc's and the internet until today were all positive new mediatic accomodations fearlessly to rely upon. However i figured out that artistic applications that is acquired with try and see approaches are better and further approvable. for the acquisitions of these new arenas of sensitivities...also, like some people underline it with special care, all new environments were to be faced or attacked to as series of new possibilities, with tolerance and quite smoothly and experimental minimalities 04.10.2010

the below video has amiga 2000 computer effects prepared by TEOMAN MADRA and hale Birgül, Can Tatlıparmak, Hüma Birgül

XWZ-  Through the mechanism of even computers may think by themselves-  they select the more interesting ones by themselves and  just conttinue pushig down hwew  their selections here from a 2007 visit to MOMA all photos came out of a mobile phone TEOMAN MADRA soundart installation for new music today ... just click-------------------------------------------------------------- from 2002-2010 can be read in details when you write TEOMAN MADRA into the GOOGLE search box of your PC they are getting updated there...or chronologically see below



dadaloop+dadaloops+metin dadaloops+loops dadaafisdadaafisBASIN
çok ortamlı -CANLI MULTIMEDYA gösteri
AtomMediaMusic BATUR SÖNMEZ newmediakitchen TEOMAN MADRA
doğaçlama audiovisual konser - bilgisayar tabanlı foto animasyonları - günümüze özgü müzik
teutonia, tünel - alman kültür merkezi
23.05.2003 performans 19.00'da


re:blogging MMA Multimedia arts and news and selected links...... den66... mondrian html mondrianA cyber aesthetics

essay ligeti nmk2005 more on postmodern art

EASTBEATSWESTstories AB HIKAYELERI -2001- Rummenige relates you all re:neopo -new-

rhizome article on 11.02:being structured on Deleuze/ Deleuze haberleri -kaynaklar-

more about the multi media YENI MEDYA ARASTIRMALARIna gider

liman lokantasi-safran and nite club ... PLATFORMc -banners multicriticism texts (musicscapes -underconstruction)- CALL FOR MORE SUPPORT to nmk studio

december 2002  in karaköy  Liman Lokantasi -SAFRAN-a behind the bar light box from six composition 120cm X 840cm got realized within the restoration project of my daughter Tulya Madra

november 2002 -0nline actively has started to be online promoted-

SOFTWARES WITH RANDOM ROUTINE SOPHISTICATIONS... >> TAKVA filmi+ NEW retakes:>> RE: MULTIMEDIA ARTS 4U >> >> >> >> re:nanoscience >>


february 14, 2002

january 10, 11 2002 "solarintermedia2002" geothe institue teutonia tunel istanbul solar2002intermedia -0nline actively promoted-


2001 december online participation to a workshop entitled solarcircuit 2002

2 urls partly photographed and being  webdesigned by nmk -teoman madra-, -on line under construction-
-----------------------------more retakes from nmk--------------------------

ONE SECOND ANIMATIONS LOOP COLLAGEofFREEHANDNINEartocjects with more to say >> OPENChannel is a membership based, not-for-profit business.

"To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone." Synergetics - The Geometry of Thinking



solar2002 multi media show -february 2002- at istanbul goethe institute with live and recorded bacground music + modern dance + live photography workshop

2001 september 4 weeks of non stop video art shows 16.00-20.00 at cafeKV tunel geçidi 142  beyoglu istanbul


2001 49. Venice Biennale web page preparation for the Turkish Pavillion -depicting the orientalism to and fro-entitled -"" own web site under construction url for net art workshops and for contemporary art news mostly needs more promotion for attendance and active realizations for nmk workshops to make new media creativities <>

2001 PHOTO Exhibition at ODTU Faculty of ArchitectureODTU Ankara event called -interactions- 2-6 April 2001 url and multi media floppy projections to the students at the multi media show auditorium

2001 two times -different occasions- multi media concert with Ilhan Ersahin Sextet at Babylon


1999 multimedia - internet presentation as gif animation show  (11.7.1999) at the Italian Pavillion - Space A Oreste group at the 48.Biennale di Venezia -


1999 artagora discussion panel co-organization contribution by email page making on the occasion of the exhibiton of memories and modernities at dolmabahçe art center and organized under auspices bilgi university-

1998 september 1998 black-kara renewal of presentation "documentary video art on golden
horn" / berlin March 1998

1988 Video Installationu&#65533;nda ortak katilimi Joint participation with video art work of Istanbul  LANDSCAPES exhibition at Borusan Art Center


Pozzo PazzozoP Katzbachstrasse 19 10965 Berlin


*October, 1996 to May, 1997 Studiominus-post modern musical works on air 94.9 fm at OPEN RADIO in Istanbul weekly one hour retrospective of new music- 94.10 program every monday 21.00-22.00

July, 1996 Became a co-founder (with 15 other initiators) of a new -art wokshops-
foundation entitled "Future Culture and Arts Foundation" in Istanbul temporarily having the
address of BM Conteporary Art Center -akkavak sokak 1/1, nisantasi 80200- +90 212
2311023 fax 2474852,

* December 1995 multi-media video presentation of the Piyale Madra Cartoons Exhibition CRYPTE

November 1995 black-kara video-documentary show on goldenhorn
along the duration of the exhibition along LILLI ENGELS exhibition at BM *

May 1995 Xample an Interdisciplinary Art Performances of video art shows and of live concerts of 14 Istanbul-Darmsstadt artists at ATATURK CULTURAL CENTER *

February 1995 articipation to a Multi Media Video-Art Workshop and to an installation with Angela
Melitopoulos and other Turkish video artists at the BM Contemporary Art Center with sponsorship of
Goethe Institute ¦stanbul *

1991 Computer generated multi media video support at a requiem program to
the honor of Turkish Electronic Music composer Bulent Arel CEMAL RESIT REY CONCERT HALL * April

1989 Multi media video art installation with 15 days live show program (15.00-19.00 daily) -continuous
serial programs on 19 normal format monitors at ATATURK CULTURAL CENTER *

1988-86 Several multi media photo and video shows as performance art events with live modern dance interpretations and live jazz piano and groups *

1986 IFSAK photograph-music at Harbiye Municipal Theater boguslav shaeffer-bertram
trutsky, marcel duchamp erratum musical, donald knaack-hans eislers/frederick rzevsky *

1985 * multimedia dance and photography workshop at bilsak art center 1/2=2/1 dancers: serap and bahar choreography aydin teker

March 1980 Multi media video art show LOFT GALLERY MUNICH *

April 1980-Polyaesthetics- Multi media dia show with live jazz trio Graz, Austria johnny taylor piano CATHOLIC STUDENTENHAUS

October 1979 First video art show ISTANBUL MUSEUM OF PAINTINGS AND

1978-77 Multi media live jazz concerts series with Okay Temiz Oriental Wind Jazz
Orchestra *

1977 multi media show at the fine arts academy Ist Istanbul Art Festival at TV/Cinema Institute
with LP selections from stockhausen-kontakte, anthony braxton and muhal richard abrams duet 1976,
cage/lou harrison double music. McCoyTyner-focal point *

1976 First Live multi media jazz concert with
Okay Temiz/Johhny Dyani Duo and abstract photo projections in an auditorium SHAN THEATER

ISTANBUL *1976 Fine arts academy IDGSA - fusion of contemporary arts 1 with new ballet usmanbaş
music for ballet, klaus ager-hoshi, bülent arel-mimiana 2 *

1976 Cinematheque Club Theater Multi media show Hyperprism-Varese Usmanbas -around the world,
cage-fontana mix, miles davis-no line, don cherry-queen of fung ting lake, marion brown-tokalokaloka,
mccoy tyner-samayaluca *

1975 Photo Exhibition Gallery VEB Istanbul *

March 1972 Multi media happening with joint participations of several painters and cartoonists doing live action paintings and APO Anatolian Pantomime Players CASA D'ITALIA ISTANBUL *

1973-1968 Several -jazz induced kinetic light photos dia shows with accompaniment of jazz music at many Consulate's Cultural Centers *

1967 Participation to V. Paris Biennale One month duration dia shows entitled Light games with modern jazz
music on LP's * -ascension (coltrane big band)

October 1967 Multi media dia show with avantgarde jazz music with selection from Cecil Taylor (unit structures- and
Archie Shepp new LP's -special hi fi sound system installation with four giant Ge Go Ortophase
loudspeakers provided by the Ge Go Ortophase

October 1967 GALERIE Galerie Jacqueline Francoise, Paris

October 1967 for 10 days duration at hotel de ville nite club av accompaniment with live dia shows next to us alto sax marion brown trio

* April 1965 15 days dia shows with
contemporary music with entrance fee -daily 4 to 7 pm. At Genar Art Gallery Istanbul bülent arel-harry
partch-cecil taylor-halim eldabh-coleman hawkins-paul bley-dave brubeck-jim hall gunther schuller ornette


*May 1964 1st photo exhibition at the municipal art gallery Beyoğlu Istanbul


i was born 1931
ew video with istanbul2010 İSCMS workshop days all comments regarding audio visual set up ans contents are encouraged for the creations of a new media

the artworks selected here at random from my archive photographs, and reshaped according the very recent technologcal media tools are reflecting my fifty years of work at this instance. Therefore all your interests, questions, comments and your very valuable criticisms will create by itself a brand new and fresh media...

now,  all comments create a new media anyway re: ten years of multitude number of contemporary arts multi media internet connections live archive for a ten years duration  2000-2010 i created and worked on quite densely in this web site in it a sample html file is: short cuts to other similar html files you can find at the bottom of the page... i copy and pace them into browsers myself, each time in amazements

an early insight preview of self analysis about my photographic interests is excerpted from cv notes as the following text    ( i started with a photographic and visual access, late 1963 to be creative with technology became an adamant obsession maybe in togetherness  with new jazz    within a semiconsiousness of insight being also rhythmically getting reshaped. thru radical contemporary music..   all the new art movements of so many decades  were for me all distant plus values... however artists like hartung, mathieu, paul clee, mıro, kandinsky, bridget riley, man ray, pollock, wilhemn de kooning, mondrian etc became suddenly like big masters  for me just appreciating them as if i were doing some art beyond their achievement... next to the kinetic art, fluxus art movements, other arts .- arte povera etc photographs still were seeming like my own personal additions to these..  current masters works and i was in a sharing mood to their aspirations ) -  cv notes- quite detailed, -total 250 video-clip sites-,,


some random extract html files found within the ten years archive of are pasted down below    reviewing them one by one and leaving few comments may reveal other aspects of visualities    -if you copy and paste them-



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some political issues according economists like JAROSLAV ZIZEK 4U


Testimonials written for you by other people


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teomanmadra1 says:
"mehmet nemutlu wrote: Teoman Madra's art, which could best be defined as "how to make multi media installations on contemporary music" as an attempt... Music being basically an art form for sounds, for sound articulations only, when visualities enter into her close intimacies one suddenly might worry in a way..
Madra's works go into the pursuit of the musics in one to one and transforms it. In a way, he enters between the music and the audience. If anybody would like to see the interpreters, he hides them, as if behind a curtain. The strongly hypnotizing visuals, produced and evolved through his own inner logic, stable or in animation but always surely ephemere as designs, voluminous traces, photographs, lights being all over the scene pull us away us off from the interpreters' visions, and in a weird and unexpexted manner, focus us right on the top of the musics insinuating own narrations.

Basak Dilara Ozdemir said: Teoman Madra is a multi artist who witnessed all the evolutions of the contemporary art. He tries to be "heard " by new generations as well as he tries to break the boundaries of the contemporary art today in Istanbul and in the world. The history of the Madra-ian language goes back to 1960_s by his irresistible interest in art through music, paintings and photography.Today, he creates short animations,photography oriented animated works and their combinations with the contemporary music that are so called "Teograms" by himself. He likes to combine his works and interact them with a great variety of music from different composers from different backgrounds. Madra offers us a great variety of works in his Madra-ian language and takes us into a journey towards the "no man's land".The journey is so enchanted with different cultures, backgrounds, colours that takes us from yesterday towards tomorrow and we keep wondering in the no man's land without boundaries. He enlightens us with the powerful magic transformation of interdisciplinary contemporary art today and that is a must for those who haven't experienced such an unique art interactivity.

zeynep gedizlioglu said:

The animated visuals and the musics chosen in Teoman Madra's videos, do not try to become each others forced extensions, and they exist unitemporal and at ease. They neither support each other nor they curtain with any anti effect. Furthermore, within the mild creativity of Madra, putting them next to each other, the viewer without being forced in any way, seizes the relationships between the sounds and the visuals and focus on it. Thus, we are being faced with a new reality created out of Teoman Madra's sound and visuals pluralities"



Selling prices for each single works are set in 4 groups  from Small, Medium, Large to Very usdLarge   ranging as .5000 m2, 1.000 m2, 1.500 m2 to 2.000 m2    and accordingly from 1500 usd to 3000  usd varying in  each step  -guaranteed printing on sideboards and the delivery included by

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