John Randall Nelson

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John Randall Nelson's "Weird West"

Weird West: Recent Paintings. The Western frontier was traditionally viewed as the meeting place of civilization and the unknown, cue the Sun, but not in a good way.  We’re in the desert, a parched barren wasteland stretching for miles in every direction. In this story, Southwestern icons; Jackrabbits, rain drops, Peyote buttons and Narco Hip Hop are the obvious subject matter.   West, if you think about it, is an apt title.  In a region where the summer resembles a thirsty desert... [more]
Posted by John Randall Nelson on 12/28/16

Polka Dots for Holly Solomon

An Exploration of John Randall Nelson’s “Polka Dots For Holly Solomon”   By Kristin Bauer   “To be or not to be: that is the question.”  It may be terribly cliché to begin anything with the aforementioned Shakespeare quote, so overly referenced, adapted and turned over in our modern society that it has been rendered virtually meaningless.   However, in discussing the recent body of work, Polka Dots for Holly Solomon, by artist John Randall Nelson, it is fitting.  Nelson’s newest series,... [more]
Posted by John Randall Nelson on 1/27/14