Nick Egan

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Acid Rain, Nov 2011 Ink On Paper 24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
24.5 X 18 Inches
Mary Mary
London's Burning
Mr and Mrs Jolly Roger
London Calling
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Watford Art School, 1976, DGA
punk album art film MTV art in the streets incredible edge figurative, digital, graffiti/street-art
Nick Egan

Nick Egan  - 'One of the most influential Artist's of the last 30 years'


British film director and Artist, Nick Egan occupies distinctive rock star venerability in a popular culture that has felt his influence since the early days of the punk rock revolution.  Nick demonstrates a remarkable ability to effectively work with some of the most eccentric characters in rock-and-roll, fashion and film. This is a reputation to which has been attributed much of his previous award winning success in music videos, having directed in his recollection: “over a hundred”, for bands such as Oasis, Alanis Morisette, Mick Jagger, Sonic Youth, Duran Duran, Iggy Pop and INXS to name a few. 

Born in London, Nick attended the Watford College of Art and Design where graphic design studies formed the basis of the visual language that would connect him with millions and by unintended design make of him; a Punk Rock Iconoclast. While still in school, he began to design singles covers and posters for then emerging, now historic bands like The Clash and The Ramones. His relationship with Bernie Rhodes, manager of The Clash, led to his designing the landmark album cover for Dexy’s Midnight Runners. He then became involved with former Sex Pistols manager and fashion entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren, through which he designed the album artwork for Bow Wow WOW’s ‘See Jungle’, which was recently voted into the ‘Top 100 Album Covers of All Time’ by Rolling Stone Magazine at #10.  His long time involvement with McLaren led him to design artwork for McLaren’s own innovative albums; ‘Duck Rock’ and ‘Fans’. He would go on to design album covers for some of that era’s most influential and recognized bands. During this period, he also worked closely with celebrated designer Vivienne Westwood on her ‘Worlds End’ clothing line, designing invitations and art directing fashion shows in London and in Paris. Egan’s stylistic vision helped shape the punk aesthetic and shook visual music and fashion culture all the way from The Sex Pistols to the present. 

After five successful years in London’s music and fashion scene, Egan relocated to New York for a different challenge - moving comfortably from a young and upcoming scene in Britain to more established and legendary artists like Bob Dylan and Iggy Pop (for which he designed celebrated record sleeves, including Dylan’s Grammy winning ‘Biograph’). Additionally, he designed a book on John Lennon by photographer Bob Gruen. He continued his experience in fashion by designing the label for the first collection of a young designer, just then out of Parsons, by the name of Marc Jacobs. The collection was named ‘Sketchbook’. In addition to art directing Jacob’s early fashion shows, Egan’s collaboration with Jacobs continued closely all the way through his phenomenal rise in fashion that saw Jacobs named head designer for Perry Ellis and later win the coveted Fashion Designer of the Year Award. Additionally, the pair collaborated on a Sonic Youth video ‘Sugar Kane’ featuring actress Chloe Sevigny in on her first ever appearances in front of the camera.

Egan then made the shift into predominantly directing music videos, the first of which was Iggy Pop’s ‘Real Wild Child’. After a period of working with INXS on their multi-platinum ‘Kick’ and ‘X’ albums, he moved to Los Angeles where in a short time became one of the world’s premiere music video directors collecting awards and working through creative powerhouse Propaganda Films in the company of fellow directors Spike Jonze, Mark Romanek, David Fincher and Michael Bay among others. Egan has additionally directed commercials and innovative TV spots for such brands as Coca Cola, Levis, Nike, Nintendo and Sony Play Station. Nick’s logical transition into feature length film found him at the helm of ‘Red Light Runners’ starring Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Crispin Glover and Roy Schneider. Epic themes, both scripted and real-life became the legacy of this inspired feature film. 

Nick is married to Producer Ann Haugen with whom he shares the privilege of raising three children. He continues to live in Los Angeles, California…as an Englishman.