John Devaraj

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Hi John, your Art transcends borders, " A Jack of all Creativity" Truly a GREAT ARTIST, / I like what you do for the Children, I was beginning to think, with all the charities world wide, STILL I SAW, little Hope, for the abused, forgotten ones, / Until I saw what you're doing through Art, / Now I can see clearly A NEW DAWN. Right On Brother! Right On!.
Comment by: Ervin Vincent T. Chandler on Saturday 05/01/10 at 1:57 AM
Hi, Congratulations on winning the Juried the Second 2010 Showcase! I am looking forward to seeing more and more of your art in the coming months. Keep the creativity flowing All the Best! Cheers Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Monday 04/05/10 at 7:53 PM
Your art is coming from your big heart!
Congratulations for winning the award! Your art makes people happier and life more beautiful!
Comment by: Marlena` Yurukova on Tuesday 03/30/10 at 1:32 AM
Great to see your art works
It is great to see your artwork.
Comment by: Soleilmavis L on Sunday 03/07/10 at 7:06 AM
Dear John, thankyou soo much for contacting me so that I could be able to see your beautiful and amazing work, and also to read about your fieldwork with working children. I am also connected to a slowakian group called Kesaj Tchavé, they are gypsy children living in slums outside the town in baracks, but an amazing guy named Ivan is picking them up every day to play music with them and going with them around the world playing and dancing in koncerts, I was to meet with them this week in Paris, but my husband got a job in Damaskus teaching Cirkus to Palestinian refugee children, so i have to stay here with our children, but as you see our work is connected through the love and respect for children, and one day I would love to come with my family to your school teaching cirkus and arts...
Comment by: Anne Art-Ist Risum on Tuesday 11/24/09 at 4:08 AM