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Oriental, 2009 Mix Media On Paper 1m X 50cm
Mix Media On Hardboard A4
Mix Media On Paper 1m X 50cm
Mix Media On Paper A4
Pure Ligth, 2009 Mix Media On Paper A4
Mix Media On Paper A4
Mix Media On Paper A4
© EvaM¬™PachecoRicote
20cm X 20cm
© 1,85cm x 1,50cm
© Courtesy of the Artist and Gallerie Alternatives
Quick Facts
Barcelona, Spain. Europe.
Birth year
Lives in
New Delhi
UB-University of Barcelona. Fine Arts Faculty, 2008, PhD Fine Arts
UNAM-Univesity Mexico. Maestria, 2007, Maestria in Art
University of Greece. Athens., 1998, Schoolarship
Representing galleries
Exhibition Room Instituto Cervantes / Art Galleries / Room and Art Gallery. Denmark and Lodon
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Bio Data 

Eva is PhD researcher in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Her line of investigation is the process of her spiritual development through art and meditation. She is a postgraduate researcher from (UNAM) National Autonomic University of Mexico and also obtained a financial aid to study at the Fine Art Faculty University of Athens in Greece. Eva participated at international events and has been working on cultural programs, films, theaters as art director and painter. Her art has been shown in collective and solo exhibitions in art galleries and art spaces in several cities of the world.


The biggest gift I can give in this life is to surrender and allow life it self to show to me. As a painter I’m expressing this through paintings and it is becoming an extraordinary process of self-respect and honesty. Paintings are the mirrors of this inner soul and development. In my method of creation: the heart is directing the composition and the mind is not leading, letting the intuition and feeling to direct my hands. Enhancing the method is so extraordinary delicate and subtle that if I’m not self-centered, aware and focus, the process and images will not come natural. When everything is in equilibrium, the sensibility of the composition, colors, materials and forms have no resistance in the physical matter of the canvas.

Concept note

While I’m painting my connection and concentration with the inner self should be such, as if I am in meditation. I need deep silence and inner stability to take the first action and flow with the material and canvas. To create these paintings I align myself with the expression, awareness and energy of Love and Truth. I express myself through these feelings and I’m honoring that, and sometimes it is hard to work because the final battle is with the mind. I just want to feel the feelings, which at the beginning can be in contradiction with the mind, because the mind tries to control the matter, the paintbrush, the color and the effects. That’s the reason my position is to trust the flow and synchronicity in deep connection with the self and let the image appear. After that when the image has already shown up, I also start another flowing dialogue.

The viewers will identify themselves with the images, as they can resonate with them, because these paintings are part of the original and universal Love and Truth virtues. Each of us is in a unique transformation and evolution and maybe by observing my paintings you can resonate with them, because the vibration you are feeling are the same that you are on tune with at that moment. As humans, we constantly are expressing the main energies of Love, Truth, Purity, Peace and Happiness in different frequencies, levels and expressions. Or maybe not! ... As creator I expose in these paintings to manifest specially Love and Truth as light. If you resonate with the paintings, we are somehow working in the same direction and that’s the wonder! We all together are creating the humanity in this world. We co-create together in incognito way. Energetically, we are connected. Be the light you are and express.

Short Artistic Biodata :

Solo Painting Exhibitions

2014,       In the Light. Institute Cervantes Exhibition Gallery , New Delhi, India            

2013,       Flow in the Light. Galleries Alternative by Manu Dosaj. Gurgaon. India

2011,       Witnessing Golden Age. Instituto Cervantes. New Delhi. India

2008,       In Silence Stage. Trébol Bcn Art Gallery- Barcelona. Spain

2003,       Soul . Show Room Self Regard. Barcelona. Spain

2002,       Fenomenología Ontológica. Underground Metro-Jamaica. México City. D.F. 

2002,       Posmoderna. Factory La República. Col. Condesa. México City. D.F. Mexico

1998,       De Ánima. Spanish Agency of Internacional Cooperation, AECI.

                 Iberoamerican Center of Education. Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia. 

1997,       Tlazolteolt. Exhibition and instalation. Art Gallery. Olesa Montserrat. Spain

1997,       Eva Pacheco. Spanish Agency of Internacional Cooperation, AECI

                Iberoamerican Center of  Education. Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia

1997,       Djalantaindratxapala. Library Annexe . Olesa de Montserrat. Spain

1996,       Three Women. Gryphon Room. Wayne. Philadelphia, U.S.A.

1995,       Umbilical. Exhibition and performance. Art Room -La Llum. Terrassa. Spain

1994,       Art Autre. Art Room at Etcétera. Monistrol de Montserrat. Spain


Collective Painting Exhibitions

2015,     The Creative Services. CSSG. Delhi, Exhibition Art Gallery. New Delhi, India.

2014,     It’s a women world at Asia Fine Art Gallery. Wan Chai. Hong Kong.

2010,     FAD. Decorative Art Federation. “New Collections” Convent Angels, Barcelona

2009,     Gallery Siesta- Contemponeous Art. Barcelona, Spain.

2008,      Gallery Espai (b)-Art contemporani. Gràcia.Barcelona. Spain

2007,      Colective Art- Nómadas del s. XXI- CC Barceloneta, Barcelona

2006,      Colective Internacional Art. International Pavillion for Peace. Delhi

2005,      Exhibition and instalation about Bharat, by Casa Asia- Barcelona. Spain

2005,      Virtues- , Galería Trébol, Poble Espanyol. Barcelona, Spain

2004,       MAC- ZONA. Contemporaneous Art in Barceloneta by Barcelona

2003,      Cadakés S. XXI GALLERY. ( 10 month ) Ciutat Vella. Barcelona. Spain

2002,       Fetichismo. Academy of San Carlos. UNAM. México City, D.F. Méxcio

2001,       O Diakosmos. Molyvos. Mythilini. Greece

2001,       Cinquanta Passions. Art Room. Olesa de Montserrat. Spain

2000,       Ravalijos. Exhibition in Raval Zone of Barcelona. Spain

1999,       Mercè Art’99. Casa Elizalde. Barcelona. Spain

1999,       Hos Gallery. Athens. Greece

1998,       De Nou  ( 8 + tu ) Room- Món Obert. Barcelona. Spain

1998,       Sala Macao. Collective exhibition with of 60 artists. Barcelona. Spain

1998,       Fem Art ‘ 98. un exhibition in three areas of Barcelona City. Spain

1996,       Gallery Oller-Campeche. Federal Admin.of Puerto Rico. Manhattan. N.York

1996,       M.A. Art Gallery, Queens. New York


Public Projects and Scene Art


-Bienar Art. Dak’Art Africa Color. Mural Painting, 9x3mtrs. Dakar, Senegal. Africa


-Opening Studio. Tallers Oberts’ 07- Open weekend to visit the creators’, Barcelona


-Assistant of scene art and painting. Spiritual Art Gallery of Love and Wisdom. Agra

-Wall painting. 2 m x 1.50 m. Brahma Kumaris Queens. New York City. U.S.A.

-Painting to TV film Transfuga Media Park Production. Barcelona

-Painting about the film The Machinist. Castellao. Production. Barcelona

-Art Director. Aquarium of Barcelona.  Thematic World Company. Spain


Art Director for 300 square metres. “Oceanographic”. Art and Science, Valencia, Spain


-Painting and atmosphere. México Zone. Cubic-Z Company. Spain

-Sculptures by area and atmosphere. Fair ground Warner Movie. Futur 2 Company. Spain

-Restoration about the original curtain theatre. Play Aïda, I,II,III,IV. Liceu Barcelona.

 Castells Company. Studio Cardedéu. Barcelona. Spain

-Assistant to create scene. Play Lulú. National Theatre of Catalunya. Castells Barcelona

-Scene reconstruction. Play Flauta Mágica by Els Comediants. Hall Liceu Barcelona  

-Painting and atmosphere. Sculpture in cement. Creation 6000 square metres

 Area El Rescate de Ulises. Fair ground Terra Mítica. Valéncia. M.B. Company. Spain

-Assistant to create scene. Play Aïda. La Cubana Company. Barcelona. Spain

-Assistant to create scene. Play El Petit EscuraXemeneies. Theatre Zorrilla. Spain


Exhibited at these venues
Eva Maria Pacheco Ricote has Exhibited at these venues:

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