Kevin Bourgeois

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Co-opt:oration (500 years), 2008 Pencil On Paper/Metal/Found Object 20"X40"
Process of elimination , 2007 Pencil On Paper/3769 Pills 40" X 60
The Heavens Taste like Sulfur, 2007 Pencil On Paper/Metal/Cotton Mask 40"X 40"
Inventions of Love (natural discourse) , 2008 Pencil On Paper/Color Pencil On Black Paper 72"X40"
Communion , 2006 Pencil On Paper 40"X 20"
Identity as a Crisis, 2006 Pencil On Paper 40"X 40"
The Usual Suspect , 2002 Pencil On Paper/Mixed Medium/ Arrows Various Dimensions
Co: opt (oration) 150 years, 2009 Graphite On Paper With Found Object 20 X 40 In.
Inventions of Love ( Natural Discourse), 2009 Graphite And Colored Pencil On Paper 40 X 60 Inches
Inventions of Love (Natural Discourse), 2008 Graphite 40 X 72 In.
USsimulated, 2010 Graphite On Paper
SYS™ Exhibition - Installation View, October 2010
Dig Your Own Hole ( detail view), 2010 Graphite On Paper/61,243 Qtips With Acrylic Paint/Found Object 40 X 115 Inches
US:simulated no. 2: radical only in the depth of their resentment, 2010 Graphite On Paper/Colored Pencil On Black Paper/Found Object 40 X 88 Inches
Stairway to Heaven, 2010 Pencil On Paper/ Lightbox/ Paint Marker/ Found Object/ Ladder/ Salt Various
Heroic Stereotypes, 2010 Metal Phone Sign With Paint Marker/ Pencil On Paper/ Holograph 17.5 X 54 In.
US:simulated no. 4: we choose an architecture of the skin, 2010 Pencil On Paper/ Color Pencil On Black Paper/ Found Object  40 X 54 Inches
Equinox: Winter, 2012 Graphite, Record Album Cover, Acrylic, Pills
Carbon Exxon , 2011 Mixed Media, Graphite On Paper With Matches 60 X 24 "
Carbon Nation series installed, 2015 Graphite On Paper With Matches 60 X 24 Inches
Quick Facts
Lives in
New York
Works in
New York
pop, mixed-media, modern, figurative

  "Kevin Bourgeois takes the challenging medium of graphite and expands its boundaries in ways that invite inspection, contemplation, and interrogation. Through an almost painterly application of pencil on paper, Bourgeois experiments with both form and content, linking the complicated visual field with the equally complex subject matter. The combination of socio-political messages with a formal technique and aesthetically appealing product to transgress the association of socially explorative art with messiness and lack of pleasure.

     The writings of Jean Baudrillard, Hakim bey, Allen Ginsberg, and Arthur Rimbaud frequently appear interwoven in the drawings, and also serve as an influence in the subject matter. The work is intellectual without being overly academic, definitive without being dogmatic, and displays a keen curiosity in what dwells beneath the surface.

     An underlying theme of contrast defines the essence of Bourgeois’ exhaustively detailed drawings. The polarities of the sentimental and the cerebral, science and spirituality, poetics and politics, combine with the contrast heavy application of the black and white graphite medium. The body of work centralizes around the juxtapositions of technology versus human nature, individuality versus consumer culture, and superficiality versus altruism. Bourgeois' art constantly grapples with the experience of the often emotionally sterile and multi-layered complications of contemporary existence and probes the relationship between love and sacrifice, constriction and freedom, mind and heart. Traveling the line that faintly defines each world from the next and exploring the barrier that can protect just as it restricts"

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