Leslie Tucker

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DEVOTIONAL: God Loves Us No Matter What, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: Where I Am There You May Be Also, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: And We Shall Become One Flesh, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: Amd Let Them Have Dominion Over All The Earth, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: Upon Us A Light Has Dawned, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: Today Your Will Be With Me In Paradise, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: Open My Eyes In How Much You Delight In Me, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
DEVOTIONAL: At Your Hand Is A Bounty Of Favors, 2019 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Slapped Back, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Here Is Your Princess, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Impediments In The Agile World, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Supreme Majesty, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Life After People, 2018 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Rival Ascendancies Overthrow The Blessed Unrest, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Food Knows It's Food, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Vitriolic Disruptions Reclaim The Righteous Soul, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: The Ubiquity Of Our Antagonisms, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
MANIFESTO: Expectations Great & Otherwise, 2017 24 X 34 Inches
POSTULATE: I Am The First & I Am The Last, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Believer, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Poseur, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: To Serve Man, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Of What We Cannot Speak, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Grave Misfortunes Solicit, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Dwelling On A Muddle, 2015 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Dashed Expectations, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: An End To Any Sense, 2016 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
POSTULATE: Letting Go Of Clutter, 2015 24 X 23 Inches & 31 X 30 Inches
TRUMPERY: Cup Runneth Over, 2013 Large & Small Formats
TRUMPERY: Dominion, 2013 Large & Small Formats
TRUMPERY: Lucky Is The World To Receive This Grateful Child, 2014 Large & Small Formats
Obey, 2011 Large & Small Formats
Predators, 2011 Large & Small Formats
Empire, 2011 Large & Small Formats
America Celebrates Friendly Plastics, 2011 Large & Small Formats
Feeding Frenzy, 2011 Large & Small Formats
Hide Your Children, 2011 Large & Small Formats
Toxic Carbs, 2008 Large & Small Formats
Requiem, 2008 Large & Small Formats
Men In Ties, 2011 20 X 24 Inches
DETAIL | Men In Ties
Hooks & Slides, 2014 24 X 15 Inches & 31 X 19 Inches
Soulmate, 2013 24 X 20 Inches
50 Sure-Fire Ways To Change Your Life, 2009 24 X 32 Inches
DETAIL | 50 Sure-Fire Ways To Change Your Life
Extraordinary Mundane, 2008 40 X 22 Inches
DETAIL | Extraordinary Mundane
Quick Facts
Boston, MA
Lives in
East Village, NYC
Works in
Brooklyn Fire Proof, Bushwick
Manhattanville College, NY, BFA
Parsons School of Design, Post Graduate Studies
Statement & Process

In veiled and covert ways my photo art explores our buying habits and how we are led by a culture of artful sellers. My stories are about our conflicts and dualities illuminated by the objects we nimbly consume. I invite my audience to meander through my decorative tableaus to rediscover the underbelly of our humanity--to better understand who we are, who we've been, and who we are becoming. 

I've always been interested in our willingness to be sold, but our options have multiplied and it's wearing us out. More than anything else this is why enduring loyalties are formed. Once we believe that our values and choices align, we're happy to choose what has earned our trust.

But what happens when our choices and values conflict? How often are we attracted to something we also find unsettling? Do we buy it anyway, soothing our emptiness? Or do we leave it behind and walk away? 


My photo art process is a continuation of the tradition that began with collage. Where once artists gathered all their materials from disparate sources and were limited by availability and physicality, 21st century technology has lifted these restraints. By sourcing, scanning and photographing images I’m able to find or produce just the right ones to place next to each other, as juxtaposition forms the foundation of my process. By using software tools I color shift, erase backgrounds and compose (sometimes placing thousands of elements in one piece) as my vision is far too detailed for traditional collage methods. 

My artistic goal is to lure my audience with intricate appeal and then upon closer inspection, to assault with disquieting content. I often explore and critique the conditions, circumstances, and relations in which the various issues of social and economic justice, environmental protection, technology, race, gender, and human rights manifest. My artistic practice examines how we might learn to navigate our discomforts and disillusionment as a way to understanding and perhaps transcending our hypocrisies and our blindness.

Using LightJet imaging technology harnesses my themes of illumination within a printing process. Three digitally controlled lasers simultaneously expose the photo-sensitive emulsion onto silver halide photo paper with red, green and blue laser lights. The way LightJet prints images is the way we see the world, in RGB and not CMYK. The exposed paper is then processed in traditional photographic chemistry which creates such a strong durable surface that framing without glass is feasible.

I’ve been printing on Endura Metallic paper, my 21st century nod to medieval gilding and the grace of heavenly wisdom. I find its iridescent finish and rich metallic appearance catches the eye and gives depth to my themes of illumination and human self-reflection. 

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