Marc Schmitz

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A non linear perspective

  The conceptual artist Marc Schmitz posits within the sphere of contemporary art and unique dichotomy which oscillates between spatial vacuum, intrinsic spirituality and the dimensions of visual contexts in an experiential manner. The artist has conceived of numerous series which denote a subtle referential system attenuated to his philosophical orientation, perspective and manifestations of intimate engagements with materials which correlate his fascination with transcendental states and... [more]
Posted by Marc Schmitz on 9/29/13

Painting as Process

  With his nonrepresentational paintings, Marc Schmitz takes a position emphatically distinguished from the prevailing trends in current painting and, at the same time, picks up a tradition that started at the beginning of the last century and has evoked controversial disputes up to the present. Ever since Kasimir Malevich set his Black Square on a white background – in his words, “[...] the naked icon of my time [...] What is royal in its taciturnity” – artists with various motivations have... [more]
Posted by Marc Schmitz on 9/29/13


EDEN - die aktuelle Ausstellung von Marc Schmitz vereint die vielfältige Brandbreite seiner Arbeiten, die sich über seine aktuelle Malerei, zwei geknüpfte Objekte in Verbindung mit einer Wanduhr sowie einer Wandarbeit aus Neon Schrift erstreckt. Die Objekte und Malereien materialisieren imaginäre Metaphern im Raum gleich einer Projektionsfläche.   Dabei scheint der Titel der Ausstellung weniger Programm als vielmehr den point of departure der westlichen Kultur zu bezeichnen, wobei der... [more]
Posted by Marc Schmitz on 3/13/11