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Are You Living The Life You Always Wanted?

Do you fall asleep fulfilled with everything you've done?

Are you making meaningful friendships?

Spending time on your family?

Giving everyday your all?

If you are, good for you. Keep being you.

If you, like many Americans, are poor, bored and overworked,
it's time you stop living like you're dying.

You may have thought of filing for bankruptcy,
moving away, changing names, dealing drugs, cheating taxes...

You may have even fantasized about accidental death.

This Is Your Call!

If you hate what you're doing,
Quit Before You Get Ahead.

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You Only Have One Life Ever

Take A Minute To Think About It

Are you constantly preoccupied with the future?

Feeling Lost?
Easily overwhelmed?

Are you nervous at the prospect of a promising date?

What would you wear? Where to eat?

Would you describe yourself 'like a zombie' or 'dead inside'?

Most of us live disconnected from our feelings.

Do you frequently experience...

  • Difficulty with making decisions?
  • Underlying anxiety?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Poor concentration?
  • Unexplained physical pain
  • Internal restlessness?
  • Unshakeable regret?
  • Racing thoughts?
  • Struggle with reaching orgasm?
  • Lingering sensations of doom?
  • Occasional spells of panic?
  • feelings of going insane

why it's hard to love yourself, bad self-esteem diagram

There is room for redemption.

Learn To Be Mindful.

Exercise the power of your mind.

Exercise Mindfulness; do not wait to be saved!

Very Few Of Us Recognize How Powerful
It Can Be To FEEL Bad

It's Time to Live Life As An Open BOOK;
One minute at a time, One Foot in Front of The Other

positive mental attitude

The Key To Attaining Mindful Wisdom:


Life is a Mystery!

Put Your Mind Over Your Mood

  1. REGISTER your feelings of doubt and unstableness
  2. ELUCIDATE your desires and regrets
  3. PANIC will likely set in. Panic slowly.
    Make space inside yourself for grieving the changes
  4. ACKNOWLEDGE you are perhaps not going to ever heal
  5. IMMERSE yourself in the emotion you are feeling, and
  6. RELEASE! Forgive yourself for feeling this way

mindfulness diagram

What Doesn't Kill You Won't Kill You.
Depression Is Not A Sign Of Weakness;
It Means You Have Been Too Strong For Long.

Mindful thinking

man, hands, thinking
Thrive in the now. Keep your eye on your zen.
Motivate yourself by focusing on the situation globale, instead of obstacles.
Keep your vision in perspective, and your perspective in your heart.

Mindful Eating


Junk food you've craved for an hour, or the body you've desired for a lifetime?
Your body today could be gone tomorrow.
Think before you eat. Think, while you eat.

Know that you have come so far to being beautiful.
Now you're just deciding to be healthier, fitter, stronger.

Mindful Breath Control

deep breathing diagram

Practice pensive deep breathing to feel a closer connection to your bodily presence.

Take 10 long nasal breaths and hold it in for 10 seconds before releasing with your lower diaphragm over the next 5 seconds will help rejuvenate your mind and your soul.

Be conscientious; place your hand over your abdomen to ensure
your belly distends as you are breathing out.


Mindfulness in the evening

Abstain from alcohol.
By now, you should not have any worry thoughts.

Enjoy an examined life!


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