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Charlie Schultz on stunning solo presentations at Volta, the Armory Show and Scope.

Crowd instincts kick in at art fairs and curiosity can be a big draw. The first thing I saw walking into Volta, known for its one-artist-per-gallery policy, was an arc of bodies at the last booth of the aisle. Wilmer Wilson IV was performing and his audience was rapt. Phones and tablets were out, capturing him as he inflated brown paper bags, tied them off with twine and roped them to his naked body. You could hear the paper pop with his breath and the snip of his scissors when he cut lengths of twine. Wilmer was as focused and steady in his movements as his audience was with their cameras set to record.

“Last year we participated in the Armory and brought a mix of artists,” said Leigh Conner of Connersmith gallery, “but Wilmer’s work has really matured and we wanted to support that. This is an excellent platform.”

The question I always wonder at Volta is how a gallerist chooses the one artist they’re going to show. It takes a certain sensibility to be comfortable with the all-in-one bet...

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InstaGrammies: The Best From #ArmoryWeek

So far Armory Week has been amazing. So has #ArmoryWeek, which, let's be real, isn't about the art. It's about YOU! We love what you shared, so we're awarding #InstaGrammies to best of all you InstaShammers who caputured the most in(sta)credible moments of #ArmoryWeek.

Best Irreverent Twerk on an Art Legend 


Best art observer caught in a provocative act with a piece of art 


Best InstaSimulacrum  


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Shilpa Gupta, Untitled, 2010, diasec mounted photograph 26 x 45 in, Edition 6/6; Courtesy of the artist and Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi. At The Armory Show, Pier 94.

Roman Signer, Piano, 2010, piano, 2 fans, 50 ping pong balls, dimensions variable; Photo: Fabrice Gausset; Courtesy of the artist and Art:Concept, Paris. At Independent.

          Mary Heilmann, Firey Pour, 2011, oil on wood panel, 40 x 31 3/4 in; Courtesy of the artist and Haüsler Contemporary, Zürich. At The Armory Show, Pier 94.

Levan Mindiashvili, Urban Identities 23, 2013, mixed media and rice paper on canvas, 6 panels, overall size 250 x 150 cm; Courtesy of the artists and The Lodge Gallery, New York. At Fountain Art Fair.


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