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Champagne & Cocktails

Max Nesterak rubs elbows with young collectors at the ArtHamptons Young Collectors Fete

One of the biggest challenges young collectors face is figuring out what they like. It takes seeing a lot of art..

Bringing dozens of galleries and hundreds of artists together from around the world to one spot, ArtHamptons is a good way to escape the city for the weekend and see what’s out on the art market. An open bar doesn’t hurt either. The Young Collectors Fete (by invitation only) offered an opportunity for young buyers to come together to watch a game of Polo over champagne and cocktails, while afterwards young buyers could take guided tours of the exhibits to help them learn more about the art they were interested in. We caught up with a few of these young Manhattanites to find out what inspires them, what’s in their collection, and what they might acquire at the fairs...

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Legendary Gay Icon Lady Bunny DJ's the annual Hamptons Tea Dance organized by the LGBT Rights Group Empire State Pride Agenda.

Polo at the Southampton Hunt & Polo club adjacent to the ArtHamptons Pavilion.

Young art lovers watch the polo match at the Young Collector's Fete.

Fairgoer looks on Belgian artist Joel Moens' Adoration Bleu, 2013


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