Disciplines: Choreography, Community, Dance, Film & Video, Light and Projection, Media Arts, Moving Image, Performance, Research, Social Practice, Writing.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Duration: Ongoing from October '17

Eligibility: Established or emerging artists who produce in disciplines mentioned in the program announcement

Support: Program includes: Studio space with technical equipments (sound&light), Accommodation, Teaching and attending resident artist workshops, Performance showing, exhibition organisation, Publicity, Networking events with local arts community, Artist assistance

Costs: $290/week | 3 Months: $2,300


Program Description:

Atelier Muse Residency Program is the realization of a lifelong dream to add value to life by coming together, exchanging our unique knowledge and creativity with curiosity. As a research, production and community initiative to expand horizons with art, Atelier Muse invites artists to Istanbul to meet the rooted culture and share their creative works for broadening the perspective of each individual through their original artistic practices. Bringing international artists and the cultural community of Istanbul together is an invaluable opportunity for inspiration, reframing and carrying the enthusiastic atmosphere within societies through art.  

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Program includes

-Studio space with technical equipments (sound&light)
-Teaching and attending resident artist workshops
-Performance showing, exhibition organisation
-Networking events with local arts community

-Artist assistance

Residency Expectations

-Regular, active, and productive use of the studio space during the residency period.
-A public presentation as a publication, performance piece, workshop, film etc.
-Monthly blog posts documenting their residency. For participants who will reside less than a month, at least one blog post is expected.

A full application includes the following:

-Completed application form. Find and fill the form here.
-Resume / CV
-Documentation of recent work (4-10 photos and 1-3 videos; 1-2 writing samples)

Send your application with necessary documents via e-mail to

Artist collaboratives should apply together by submitting ONE application per group, specifying the number of individuals on the application form. Please note that the program fee mentioned above is for one person.

Please note that all applications and work samples must be submitted in, or translated to, either Turkish or English.

More Info: