Barbed is pleased to present a call for submissions for our fifth issue, entitled "Surrender".

In this issue, we will study the subject of surrender and the diverse ways people interpret, solve, and deal with it. 

We live in a world in which surrender has multiple meanings, many of them oppressive and even violent. At various times I might surrender my rights, privileges, values, desires. You might also surrender your space, your kitchen, your food, your house, etc. 

The fifth issue of Barbed will examine these issues and more. Specifically we will consider ideas such as: how do we, as artists living in society, surrender to authority? To other people? This is not necessarily how we accept surrender, but also how we avoid it. Sometimes individuals surrender willingly and sometimes they are forced. What are the thought processes that occur in the split seconds before we make these decisions? What paths are created within ourselves and what are the outcomes of these decisions about surrender? 

Artists are invited to submit forms of expression that they have created within the last two years. These could include works in progress, documentation, continuing series, and experimental works. There will be a significant emphasis on artists living in the Metro Detroit region, including Windsor; particularly those classified as emerging artists or from minority demographics. 

Artists selected for the fifth issue of Barbed will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine and an artist's fee (contingent on funding).* 


Please submit 1-5 images of your work along with a brief statement of 150 - 300 words. This should include an artist's statement and a description of the work being submitted. 

All material should be sent electronically to with the subject line: Barbed Fifth issue - Surrender.

File formats accepted: JPG, PDF, PSD, TXT, DOC, TIFF.

Deadline for submissions: February 13, 2017 (midnight). 

*While every effort is being made to obtain funding from third parties, artists' fees cannot be promised. At this time fees are awaiting grant confirmation from the National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures (NALAC). Fees will be based on the fee category table established by Working Artists and the Greater Economy (WAGE), which advocates for fair payment standards for artists.