Here are some tips and suggestions for maximizing your exposure in the ArtSlant SalesRoom.

  • Be active in the ArtSlant network.
  • Participate in exhibition competitions and other competitions for artists.
  • Become affiliated with other artists in your local area. This will help you to gain feedback on your work, learn of exhibition opportunities, and increase your visibility as an artist.
  • Become actively involved with the galleries and museums in your local area - this will build your understanding of current trends and help you to make connections.
  • Use our emailer campaign features to invite your friends, customers and  prospective customers to view your work for sale on ArtSlant (learn more).
  • Enter the ArtSlant Showcase competition series (all Showcase Winners are currently in a curated panel of the SalesRoom). This will build your visibility on ArtSlant as well as offer you the possibility of being shown in a major exhibition (learn more).
  • Make sure your works are represented with the best images, accurate captions and not over-priced.
  • Be sure you tag your work when you enter it into the SalesRoom, and that you pick Subject and Genre categories for it.  This increases your visibility in our buyer searches.
  • Keep your inventory current on your ArtSlant selling gallery. Do not leave works for sale that have been sold. Rotate your work at least 4 times per year.
  • In offering original works for sale, be prepared with shipping options should a buyer be interested. Always respond immediately to any emails coming from the ArtSlant consultant team, as quick response increases the chance that a buyer will follow through with a purchase.


More Tips for Maximizing Exposure in the ArtSlant Network

Our mission is to provide lots of opportunities to artists, galleries and the art community around the world to gain recognition, create platforms for selling and exhibition of work, and to connect with other artists and arts professionals.

Enhance Your Profile or Venue Display

  • Create a thoroughly dynamic and compelling Artist Profile or Venue display.  Almost 1/2 of the ArtSlant traffic comes from people searching for artists, so this is a Must Do!
  • Click on edit profile to add your bio/statement and your personal thumbnail.
  • Click on the Artwork tab to create your slideshow.
  • Provide a personal website on your Profile if you have one.
  • Put your email address into your Edit Profile form; so that passersby can email you anonymously.

Tagging and Identifying Work for Easy Browsing

  • Images must be properly captioned and tagged for Google & ARTshow optimization.
  • Only select one medium for your work - is it a Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Mixed Media?
  • Complete your image captions thoroughly!!  This is critical for effective browsing on our site.
  • Use Tags!

Special Advertising Packages for Artists, Galleries & Resources

We know you want exposure and we would love to help you. Another very important tool for gaining visibility on a worldwide basis is through our special advertising campaigns.  Artists, Galleries and others who take advantage of ArtSlant's huge audience and specially designed advertising packages have had tremendous success in gaining name recognition, visibility within their local and the worldwide art world, new exhibitions, sales of work, and increased excitement and buzz for themselves.  Contact to learn about our advertising packages.

Enter the Juried Showcase Competition Series

Our Juried Showcase artists get a huge amount of visibility and exposure. Winners are eligible for exhibitions as well as cash prizes - all for a one-time $3 entry fee.  In addition, any Showcase Winner who becomes a selling artist in our SalesRoom will have their work featured in our Winners collection.  This gives great visibility on both fronts.

Comments and Emails

Don't wait for other people to find you - you find them.  Search through our Profile artists and find people whose work you admire.  Put them on your Watchlist.  Send them comments, or use the "email this artist" feature to connect.  Be friendly and polite, but respectful as well.  Artists that wish to engage with you will respond.  Artists that build a network themselves will get the most exposure and benefit from the ArtSlant community.

SalesRoom for Artists

The ArtSlant SalesRoom provides selling services for artists in our community. You -can sell original works and museum-quality prints through our SalesRoom.  Find our more (here)

Develop a Blog & Use the ArtSlant Forums

Many of our Users access the artist blogs.  And we put good blog articles on Facebook, Twitter and other online publications.

Get yourself known by other artists on the site, and ask their advice about what has worked for them. A side benefit is that this will increase the number of visitors looking at your art. And it will raise your profile at Artslant as a whole, over time.

Get your friends to visit your ArtSlant Profile, and link to it!

The more traffic you get, the more often your Profile will come up in various ArtSlant features. Google search optimization is based on the number of links you have coming into your page. The more people linking to you, the higher up you will appear in searches.



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