Photographing art is a skill.  There are many fine art photographers available to help provide the finest in images of your art work.  If you want to do this yourself, be sure you begin with a great camera and good lighting.

Tips for Photographing Art Work

  • Set your camera to the largest size it can take and at the finest picture quality setting before shooting. This will utilize your digital camera to the maximum of its megapixels capability. 
  • Refer to your camera manual and look for where it talks about size of image in pixels for further assistance. Choose the largest size possible, usually ranging from small to large.
  • Find a setting to adjust the quality of the picture. Sometimes referred to as the compression of the image, there may be settings such as normal, fine and superfine. Select the setting for the finest picture quality.
  • Choose a well lit room where you can shine the light evenly on all sides of the artwork. Lighting is extremely important in producing correct color.  Go to a photo shop to purchase standing or clip-on lights to help light your work. If you don't have color-correct lights, natural light (sunlight) also works just as well. In general, it is not advisable to use on-camera flashes, as they generally produce uneven results.
  • Set your artwork up to take the picture from its centermost point. You don’t want to be at an angle where you are higher or lower than the center of the artwork, as this will cause your photograph to be distorted.
  • Make sure you have a solid, white background.  If your art work is in a frame, remove it from the frame to photograph it.  Make sure nothing is in the background of your images - do not take photos of your work against the garage, or sitting atop your couch.

  Take many photos of your work using different lighting and settings to get the best possible results.

  For 3D work, take shots from all around the work so that you can select the best image.  Watch for shadows on 3D work.

There are a lot of websites that give instructions to assist with photographing art work.  Having high quality digital images of your work is a must for a successful art career.

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