FAQ – Account and registration troubleshooting


I got a "verification error" when I clicked on the link in my registration email. What do I do?

Email us at Be sure to include your User ID and the email address you used to register.


I never got my verification email. What happened?

Check your junk mail or spam folder for our email.  If you don't find it there contact us at and let us know what happened.  Be sure to include your User ID and the email address you used to register.


ArtSlant won't let me register. There is an error message. What do I do?

Try to register using this link:

Fill in the login, email, and password fields and then click on "Signup." If you get an error again please contact us at and let us know what happened and what error message you received (copy+paste into email). Be sure to include your User ID and the email address you tried to use to register. We will correct the problem as soon as possible.


When I tried to register, it said my "email address was already taken." How could that happen?

ArtSlant only allows one registration per email address. We do this to avoid confusion, and to protect each person's ArtSlant account.

You may have registered before on ArtSlant or someone you know may have already registered using your email address. To see if you already have an account try logging in.  Click on "forgot my password" on the login page and provide your email address to get your login information sent to you.


How do I change my account settings/username/password?

Once you are logged in, click the menu icon in the top right corner, then click on Account. Once you are in your account settings, you can change your User name, password, etc. Click save changes once you are done.


How do I change my default city?

Go to your Settings tab under Account as described above, and you will find the option to change your default city under Settings.


I accidentally deleted my account! What do I do?

Email us at and let us know you would like your account un-deleted. Include your email address associated withthe deleted account in your correspondence.


I deleted my account but my profile is still visible. How do I remove myself?

Your Profile and your account are independent from each other, but you must have an account to edit or remove your profile. If you have deleted your account already and can't log in to remove your profile, please contact us at Send the link to the profile you would like removed.


ArtSlant has shutdown. The website is currently running in a view-only mode to allow archiving of the content.

The website will be permanently closed shortly, so please retrieve any content you wish to save.