Many artists wish to sell limited editions of both 2D and 3D art works. Limited editions that the artist has produced elsewhere can be offered for sale in ArtSlant SalesRoom.

The SalesRoom is accesible to all artists with a Standard or Portfolio Profile subscription.

To sell limited editions in the SalesRoom, the artist must have registered on ArtSlant and already opened their Artist Profile (more info).

How to Sell Your Own Limited Editions through the SalesRoom

Artists who wish to sell 2D or 3D limited editions that they have already produced and have on hand, should proceed as follows:

For images already uploaded in your profile page:

  • Go to your ARTWORKS page in your profile page.
  • Click on any of your artworks, you'll be directed you to the individual artwork's page.
  • Click on "edit work" under the CHANGE THIS WORK box.
  • Check For Sale 
  • Enter the price you wish to receive for each edition. Note: Your can alter your price as the edition is sold.
  • Very Important: In the Medium Category dropdown, select Limited Editions.  In the Medium field, put the materials used on your original work (such as C-Print) and information on the edition.
  • Description Box should state:  This work is offered by artist as a (signed and numbered, if accurate) Limited Edition.  Ed. of (number).  Provide as much information as you wish to inform our buyers.

To let potential buyers know how many Limited Editions Prints are left to buy, please update the number of prints available for purchase in your artwork's Detail Page. When the last Limited Edition print is sold, the artist (user) is responsible for removing the artwork from the Salesroom.(more info)

On all sales of Limited Editions that the artist holds directly, an ArtSlant Art Consultant will work with the buyer and artist to ensure professional and informed purchases.



For original sales, the buyer and artist will work out shipping arrangements for each sale. Shipments within the US are handled by UPS, Fed Ex or other selected domestic shipper.

Shipments outside the US (either from artists outside the US or going to buyers outside the US) will be handled by the shipper that the artist designates, with buyer approval. ArtSlant suggests the use of  established worldwide shippers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx. 

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