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Issue 1: Platform

Theodore Darst, Untitled, 2015. Animated gif


Welcome to Editions | Andrea Alessi

The Internet as a Platform for Art Criticism, and Dildos | Char Jansen

Mario Rising: Imagery, Identity, and Myth in an 8-bit Classic | Guy Parker

The Sphinx of Waikiki | Gan Uyeda

Do It Anyway: Platforms of Perseverance in San Francisco | Leora Lutz

Performing Tables | Caroline Picard



Issue 2: Brand

Sam RolfesRareGIF No.40130612, 2015, Animated gif


Introduction | Andrea Alessi 

A New Definition of Art in the Age of Celebrity | Joel Kuennen

Branding a Genre: INSA's Gif-iti™ | Char Jansen 

I Was an e-Erotica Editor | Lesley Dixon

The Talismanic Adventure of Nicholas Roerich | Philly Malicka

Brand as Museum: Patronizing or Patronage? | James Loks

Brand America | Philippa Snow



Issue 3: Local

Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Gif Commission for LOCAL Edition


Introduction | Andrea Alessi

Lost in the Local | James Pepper Kelly

Bottling Local: Oh, the Smell of Amsterdam in the Spring... | Edo Dijksterhuis

The Place of the Museum: Jacob Lawrence at MoMA | Joel Kuennen

New York State of Grind: A Suggestion for New York's Beleaguered Artists | Darren Jones

We Are All Synecdoches | Himali Singh Soin

Relocating Home: Sofia Maldonado in Conversation | Nicole Rodriguez



Issue 4: Systems

Ed Fornielesinstalling pole for ami, 2015. Part of a new body of work that documents the artist's apartment using a live webcam. At the same time, a cartoon dimension will be layered over the top, unfolding its own narrative.


All Systems Are Go: An Introduction | Joel Kuennen

Arte de Sistemas: Conceptual Art and Politics in Argentina | Ionit Behar

Map Art: Systems Unite | Gillian Dykeman

Activating the Archive: Kameelah Rasheed Untidies History | Jessica Lynne

Living Images, Digital Decay | Taylor Dafoe

Systems for a Downer: on Artistic Failure | Philippa Snow



Issue 5: Conscience

Are You Living The Life You Always Wanted?

Do you fall asleep fulfilled with everything you've done?

Are you making meaningful friendships?

Spending time on your family?

Giving everyday your all?

If you are, good for you. Keep being you.

If you, like many Americans, are poor, bored and overworked,
it's time you stop living like you're dying.

You may have thought of filing for bankruptcy,
moving away, changing names, dealing drugs, cheating taxes...

You may have even fantasized about accidental death.

This Is Your Call!

If you hate what you're doing,
Quit Before You Get Ahead.

mindful thoughts, behavior, feelings


You Only Have One Life Ever

Jennifer Chan, Mindfulness Matters (excerpt), 2015. html. See the full commissioned work

Introduction | Andrea Alessi

Contested Development: One Person's Growth Is Another's Destruction | Lauren McQuade

Jerry Saltz: The Conscience of the Critic | Joel Kuennen

Public Debt/Private Value: Art Education's Social Responsibility | Leora Lutz

Art Is Good, in Theory | James Loks

Conflict Art: Creation in the Face of Destruction | Phoebe Stubbs

In Political Critique, Tajik Artists Work Around the System | Olga Stefan



Issue 6: Icons


ICON Commission: Daniel Lichtmantragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy death tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy dependable comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy dependable death tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy dependable tragedy comedy tragedy comedy tragedy comedy..., 2015


Introduction | Andrea Alessi

Fighting ISIL Iconoclasm with Art and 3D Printers | Danna Lorch

We're Not Gonna Need Clones Cos We're Only Gonna Be Clones | Char Jansen

The Dangers of the Political Icon: An Endorsement of Lawrence Lessig | Joel Kuennen

Female Artists and the Museum: Visibility, Iconography, and Legacy | Lauren Tresp

The Icon Machine and the Deadly Domestication of Grafitti | Edo Dijksterhuis



Issue 7: Loops


Rafia Santana, DEAR DiARY, 2015


Introduction | Andrea Alessi

Closing the Loop: Does Art Require an Audience? | Gillian Dykeman

The Latham Loop: Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Image for 120 Years | Guy Parker

OOO: Three Loops to Unite Them All! | Jamie Keesling

Moving Past the Circular Logic of Terrorism | Joel Kuennen

Closed Circuits and Bodies Electric | Janet Oh



Issue 8: Resistance

The Resistance Issue Commission: Alfredo Salazar-CaroResistance.gif, 2016



Table of Contents:

Introduction | Andrea Alessi

The Problem of Art's Morality | Joel Kuennen

Body as Material in the Surveillance State | Tara Plath

Queering Film Production | Lauren McQuade

Bringing Self-Defense Performance into the Community | Joel Kuennen

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