Designer/Illustrator Wanted for Zealous Awards

Love what Zealous is doing and want to be a part of it? Want to have your work seen by our high profile judges and over 5,000 artists on Zealous?

As an online platform dedicated to matching talent with opportunities, Zealous is proud to present our very own paid opportunity. We’re looking for a designer/illustrator based in the United Kingdom to create images for Zealous Awards to be presented to users through the platform. Apply before 28 September 2014 (Sunday) via to work with us.

The Brief

Zealous is looking for a designer/illustrator to design images for awards that recognise artists’ engagement on the platform. The following is an example of the image used for the award ‘Featured by Zealous’ (as indicated by the green arrow):

The designer is expected to create images for 10 awards, each with 3 variations to indicate different levels of achievement. Users will be awarded based on the number of times their work has been listed, viewed, loved and shared. Examples of award titles include ‘Spotted on Zealous’, ‘Somebody

Loves You’ and ‘The Talent Scout’. As awards is a new feature on Zealous, the selected designer will have the freedom to play with different ideas and styles.

What you will get The chosen designer will receive the following:

• A fee of £300

• The opportunity to showcase your work to 5,000 users on Zealous

• An article about you and the opportunity on our blog, to be share on our social media with a

total reach of 10,000

How to Apply

To apply for this role, you will need to submit a collection of your previous work via Zealous. Results will be announced on 13 October (Monday).

Please read to our blog for information on how to apply. 

Contact if you have any questions.