CALL to Artists Steven Assael,Domingo Zapata, David Wenzel, Vanessa Williams

An extraordinary art Gala at Pier 60 in Chelsea on 10/16 with 600 attendees, followed by ongoing virtual show to benefit the arts program at YAI,  An evening dedicated to moving our society towards a greater understanding of how to make community acceptance and inclusion a reality.
You may participate in the show even if you are unable to facilitate artwork at the Gala. This is a major event with Fortune 500 sponsors, corporate, and individual collectors.
Sotheby's will provide guest auctioneer.

Entry Deadline: 10/1
Steven Assael, widely regarded as one of the top figurative artists in the world,
David Wenzel, The Hobbit, graphic novel illustrator,
Domingo Zapata, Internationally acclaimed Spanish-American post-abstract representational painter,
Vanessa Williams, film, television, and music star.
Curated by Leonardo Feroleto
Your best Art or Sculpture will be chosen by the panel to display with YAI artists on October 16th at Pier 60 in Chelsea, and/or online. You can still participate even if you can't bring your art to New York.
40 plus piece virtual store where collectors can purchase art before and after the Gala.  A web link will be provided after the jurors select the art. A minimum of 25% of proceeds of ongoing sales of the art will go to YAI at the show, and virtually.  
Please indicate in your email:
I would like to be considered for the Gala (automatically entered into virtual show)
I would only like to be considered for the virtual show.

All those accepted into the Gala will be accepted into ongoing virtual show. 
Sold work at the Gala may be able to be replaced on the virtual site.
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention, Prizes will include art being auctioned by guest Sotheby’s auctioneer, sponsored attendance at the Gala, and all media recognition.
Please see our website for submission instructions.
Thanks   Hope to see you soon! 
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