Call for Art: 'Translations' Emergent Art Space

Emergent Art Space invites students and emerging artists to participate in
an international exhibition series on the theme:

Trans-lating: to bring across, to transfer, to transport, to make
understandable in another language, to make accessible to another culture.
Translating from one language to another, from one expressive medium to
Translations as a way to expand our understanding, to facilitate
Translations as a pressing issue in contemporary society that is connected
yet divided. Both globally and locally, in our communities and in our
personal lives.
What is lost in translation and what is found?

Submit here:

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2014

First Prize: $500 USD
Five Finalists: $200 USD

Online Exhibition: December 1, 2014
 Live Exhibition: January 20, 2014
Hosted by the Art Dept of Reed College
Portland, Oregon

-Geraldine Ondrizek: Artist and art professor, Reed College, Portland, Oregon.
-Chip Lord: Artist, and emeritus art professor, University of California,
Santa Cruz.
-Vincenzo Trione: Art critic and professor, IULM, University of Milan, Italy.
-Arzu Mistry: Artist and educator, Srishti School of Art and Design,
Bangalore, India.

Artists must be in school or under the age of 30. Size and weight
limitations will be considered for the live exhibition. Video art: maximum
length of 5 minutes.

Founded in 2012, Emergent Art Space is a web based non-profit organization
that supports young artists around the world. We promote dialogue and
exposure amongst emerging artists and across borders.

‘Translations’ is Emergent Art Space’s second call for art. The selection
of works submitted to the first call for art, ‘Crossing Borders’, was
presented as an online exhibition in December 2012. It was exhibited in
San Francisco, California, USA in the Summer 2013, and in Seoul, South
Korea, and Tijuana, Mexico, in the Summer 2014.
Deadline: September 30,2014