Curator's Open Deadline is Tomorrow!


You design the booth.

You select the artists.

You choose the artworks.


 We mount the exhibition at one of the world's major art fairs.

The deadline is tomorrow! AH!

We've had no shortage of amazing submissions but we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to curate our booth at EXPO CHICAGO in September. The deadline is Midnight GMT on July 31st.

Artist permissions for inclusion in curations will be asked for following the submission deadline. We will work with the selected curator in securing any necessary replacements.  


More info:

Curator's Open is a different model of fair curation.

Some see curators as being too distant from the practice of art, or even worse, as "curating friends," but we at ArtSlant see another pervasive trend at work: the artist-curator. Due to financial and spatial restraints, many artists find themselves in the position of curator. Constructing an exhibit, thinking spatially, selecting, placing and exhibiting are becoming necessary aspects of an artistic practice.

This, we believe, goes hand in hand with a wealth of highly educated young artists that are now beginning to produce their first shows. A comprehensive arts education takes into account not only an artist's practice, but the context of that practice and its exposition. With this context being a discursive object now, it is up to the artist to incorporate it within their practice.

We hope Curator's Open provides an opportunity for these hybrid artists to experiment within an established art market venue.

ArtSlant's first Curator's Open invites all curators and artists to apply to curate our booth at EXPO CHICAGO this September. The winning curation will be selected by our panel of influential curators including Independent Curator, Audrey Illouz and Maiza Hixson, the DCCA Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art. Our panel is overseen by EXPO CHICAGO's Director of Programming, Patricia Courson. Read more about the panelists here.

Artwork at top by Jaclyn Wright.



The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, now in its third year as a leading international art fair, EXPO CHICAGO (Sept. 18 – 21,  2014) is a four-day art event featuring more than 140 leading international galleries, offering diverse programming including /DialoguesIN/SITU and EXPO VIDEO