Lumen Prize Exhibition - Call for Entries (digital art)

"While many art institutions are still worrying about whether digital equals art, Lumen is championing it both nationally and internationally.

                                                     - Genetic Moo, Founder’s Prize Winners, 2013


The Lumen Prize Exhibition, the global award and tour for digitally created art, opens its call for entries 1 April 2014 to 30 June 2014.


There are seven prizes to be won:

  • The Lumen Prize Winner - £3000
  • The Lumen Prize Silver - £1000
  • The Lumen Prize Bronze - £750
  • The Founder’s Prize - £250
  • People’s Choice Award - £250
  • The Lumen Animate Award - £250 (special award for animation, in Partnership with Animate Projects)
  • The Creative Coding Award - £250 (special award for Creative Coding & Programming, in partnership with Artists & Algorists)

The 25 exhibition works, including the 7 prize winners, will be part of a global exhibition tour that will visit Athens, Cardiff, Amsterdam, NYC and London.

Photo-montage, photo-manipulation, iPad art, iPhoneography, creative coding, interactive installation, glitch art, HTML/CSS art, web based art, animation, moving image, digital collage, app art, digital sculpture, 3D rendering… show us what you’ve got.


1 entry fee costs US$40 and allows the submission of 2 works. A percentage of each entry fee goes to our partner charity Peace Direct


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