Call for support/ FILM: Search of America: Inshallah


What is it about?

Inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela and a personal story, my upcoming film, In Search of America, Inshallah, explores the meaning of freedom.

The film’s protagonist, Shaheen Ilyas, is a young Pakistani woman who arrives in Los Angeles to search for her husband, Ali Ilyas. Five years prior, right after their marriage, Ali had left his wife and homeland to pursue better earnings and a better life. While Ali has been absent and living the American dream, Shaheen—bound by the rules set by her husband and his family—has remained a good and loyal wife, expected to uphold the obligations that come with traditional marriage.Yet Shaheen, an educated Muslim woman, can no longer stand the injustice. 

The film’s focus on Shaheen, however, leads the viewers on a journey of her specific struggle. A dependent, Pakistani housewife comes to America to find her husband but is instead forced to find her own identity–will she live by the traditions she has been raised with, or choose to make her own rules? In the process, Shaheen comes to understand who she is and what she really wants out of her life. She discovers a new sense of hope and a kind of freedom she only dreamed of. This discovery leads her on a quest to right the wrongs in her life, and to start making decisions for herself. 

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What We Need?

We need prayer, funding to promote the film and volunteers to spread the word.          

We are asking for at least $20,000 to finish production and to help start our marketing campaign for the film. This is not even half of the total amount we need to accomplish our vision of sharing the film worldwide, but it would be a great start!  

Our goal is to  screen In Search of America, Inshallah  in various film festivals worldwide so that the film is seen by as many people as possible 





What You Get?

From the heart productions is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit, so donors will also get a tax-deduction. From the heart productions  will send receipts for your contribution after subtracting the value of gifts provided. Every bit counts. Spread the message and check out our donation page to help. 

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