Call for Sound + Visual Artists

Call for Sound + Visual Artists to participate in Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces

Art Assembly in association with Touch present Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces - an investigation into the stories and soundtracks hidden within the cracks of empty rooms and deserted environments. Iranian born Sohrab and Seoul based artist Jiyeon Kim demonstrate through their work how manipulated field recordings can be employed to amplify an existing or reveal a new narrative of the empty space. With guest performances and an opening conversation by Mike Harding of Touch. The event will take place at 7pm, Saturday 9th November at The Peckham Pelican. 

We are looking for sound/music artists to perform a 10 min set each or visual artists to exhibit work relating to the theme of 'Hidden Narratives of Empty Spaces'.

Restrictions: The PA set up at The Peckham Pelican is pretty basic and the stage relatively small. In addition, turnaround time between performances is likely to be 5mins. So technical requirements must be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Please note there is no fee for performing at this event. 

Please send a short proposal including links, images, basic technical set up, or dimensions of work to by Thursday 10th of October.

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For more information and a description of the artists involved so far please see below.

Sohrab The Wires Tom Ridge writes of Sohrab’s 2010 album, A Hidden Place:

With this album, context is everything and nothing. Sohrab is a Tehran based musician whose sense of displacement and isolation within his own country is palpable across the six ambient pieces making up this release. He’s both a product of his environment and a reaction against it. This contradiction still fits a model of rebel music (punk, say), except that here the form of expression is so internalised as to represent a kind of withdrawal.

There’s plenty of space in his soundscapes, where the slow reverb of chimes and the fluttering of abstract electronica punctuate solemn pauses. It’s like an expression of emptiness, of faint, spectral essences occupying vacant areas. But then these spaces become filled with a more forthright presence of undulating tonal frequencies, a respite from the indefinable sense of oppression.

A few voice samples pepper these washes of sound, but they offer only glimpses of a more concrete sense of place. It’s the persistent emphasis on the elusive that makes these expressions so beguiling. While there is beauty here, there is also a nagging undertow of anxiety, a reminder of Sohrab’s status as a cultural exile in his own country.

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Jiyeon Kim 
Radio station kdvs described Jiyeon Kim’s practice as:
Jiyeon Kim is a Seoul-based sound artist using field recordings, prepared real-time audio manipulation, and post-processing techniques to create manufactured assemblages of natural acoustics and artificial resonance. Jiyeon has introduced a body of captivating and sublime work that effortlessly traverses academic discipline and folk practices; We’ll listen to some of her work as well as hear an audio narrative she constructed discussing her creative process.

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