St Moritz Art Academy - Call for Applications: Summer Workshops 2013




Five Day Intensive Workshops 26-30 August 2013

St Moritz Art Academy


photo: Inge Fehlbaum

Inge Fehlbaum
Phone: 00 41 79 358 25 57

Postfach 40


The workshops take place
26-30th August 2013 9-17h. 

Our workshops are open to all levels of ability. 

We run a Scholarship Programme, please apply online


The St. Moritz Art Academy launches its first series of five day workshops led by three internationally recognised artists. 

Collage painting with Donald Baechler

Collage involves selecting and juxtaposing different image components together: newspaper cuttings, patterns, ribbons, fragments of other works of art or text, photographs and other ephemera. Come and explore this simple and yet expressive medium, and add a new dimension to your own art practice.

Masterplan Painting with Andreas Kopp

The course explores a range of techniques and skills used in project-based painting. Participants will gain new perspectives and insights after spending five days of studio time with this professional artist and painter. 

Lolek and Bolek- Sculpture/Installation with Kerim Seiler 

The starting point is a well-known piece of furniture. Students will design and manufacture a 3D creation using raw materials such as precast boards, battens, paint, glue and various fixings. No previous experience necessary