Los Angeles: Call for Artists

I'm an artist in LA looking to start a Kickstarter for a Group Art show here in LA.

 I need a few artists!

The main idea would be to rent an event space for a weekend, with an opening on Friday or Saturday night. The idea of the Kickstarter would be to sell our own prints, posters, photographs, post cards, giclee prints, a special poster for the show, a photo book of the show etc. as well as possibly offering original artwork or commissioned work until we reach our goal. Any subsequent commissioned work, original work, or sales of posters after reaching our goal would go straight to the specific artist. I've researched some low-cost printing companies that would satisfy our needs.

The show itself would consist of 1 or 2 pieces by each artist, with about 7 or 8 artists total. There will be a photographer, videographer, booze, and music, possibly live. All in all, the total we would have to raise would be around $2,000-$2,500. I would plan on setting a Kickstarter goal of around $3,000-$3,500 to help pay for prize/rewards costs and Kickstarter's 5% fee.

Please check out my artwork at before responding. Your artwork doesn't have to be in any way similar to mine, however I'd like all of the artists to correlate somehow.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your work!