Last Call - Afro Colombia Music Tour

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Cali & Cartagena, Colombia
Afro Colombian Petronio Alverez Music Festival
September 19 - 28, 2013
$3550 Double Occupancy /$4150 Single Occupancy
Sponsored by the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago, IL. & Obsidian Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN

 Join us on an extraordinary journey to Colombia to learn about the heritage & traditions of African Descendants of this South American country. We will explore the History and Present Day expressions from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific. Traveling to Cartagena & vicinity, we visit a community called San Basilio Palenque, established in honor of Cimarron, liberator and martyr, Benkos Bioho. San Basilio developed an internal creole language, designed to keep information tightly held within the community.

Following our explorations of the Caribbean Coast, we travel to Cali, to attend the world renowned Festival del Pacifico Petronio Alvarez to learn about and become immersed in the rhythms of Pacific Colombia. Rhythms such as the marimba and chirimia are amazingly vibrant and mesmerizing. Entering its 16th year, the Festival de Musica del Pacifico Petronio Alvarez is the most important festival of its kind and has made groups famous. Click here for schedule.
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