Frieze New York Edition Featured Artist: Matthew Scott Gualco @ PooL Art Fair #507 5th Floor

Matthew Scott Gualco, Bummer, 2013, 4x6, Cell Pone Photo from a Motorola W755 2009, From "I Just Want to Tittle All of Cindy Shermans Untitled" book.


Matthew Scott Gualco

PooL Art Fair - Room #507, 5th Floor

My work forms an allusive hybrid between drawing and literature by interjecting the subject matter. There is a rawness in the manner that is within the understanding of the viewer. Based on my experiences and everyday life, I portray society with all of its imperfections that we all enjoy. Society is placed starkly into traditional literary formats of screenplays, prose and poetry.

The wingding characters interspersed throughout my writings act as both decoys and stage directions to compel the viewer/reader to determine for themselves whether these dashes, arrows and symbols serve a particular semiotic purpose or whether they may simply be placeholders, abstract glyphs alluding to some modern day Rosetta Stone.

Matthew Scott Gualco obtained a BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2008, and an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2012. He lives and works in Sacramento, California. For more please visit: