Free Call for Entries for New Zine

Manifold: Repair

Manifold is a new printed Zine bringing together varied creative
explorations of a chosen topic.
The first topic is focused around Repair. We're launching May 2013.

In beginning the dialogue, we offer the idea that repair includes
recognition and restoration.

~ Recognition of: the worth and beauty of an entity, situation,
person, place, thing or idea

~ Restoration as: a commitment to an entity's natural state of balance
and harmony

We're specifically interested in images and/or text relating to any
interpretation of the topic.
We're open to other media, such as video and audio.

Please submit online by March 9th via
We're accepting the following file types: PDF, jpg, mp3, m4a, tiff,
mov, avi, mp4 and zip.
Images should be at least 300dpi with the largest dimension at 10 inches.