FAQ - SalesRoom: Artists Ordering their Own Prints

ArtSlant allows artists to purchase discounted prints & frames through our special Digital Editions prints program.

Note:  Artist's image must be at least 2340 pixels on either the width or height. The higher the resolution on the artist's image, the better the print quality.

To Order Artist-Discount Prints & Frames After Becoming a Seller

First, your must sign up as an ArtSlant Seller and enter work for sale into our SalesRoom.  The SalesRoom is accesible to all artists with a Standard or Portfolio Profile subscription.

You may then order prints for any of your own images that you offer for sale in our Digital Editions print program.  Artists pay no fee (to themselves) for a print of their own works, and receive a 10% discount on all materials.   ArtSlant does not charge a markup on orders that an artist makes for their own works.

To order discounted prints, make sure you are logged in and just buy your own prints. You´ll see your artist discount in your invoice.