FAQ - SalesRoom: Artist Email Tool

ArtSlant allows all artists with Profiles on ArtSlant to create and send customized email to your own mailing lists. Use this for announcements of new work, special offers, releases of digital editions, exhibition announcements, or as a regular newsletter.

>Create Marketing Emails in 3 Simple Steps:

  • Go to your MY PAGE account hub (link found next to HOME on our menu bar)
  • Scroll down the left-side menu to My Marketing
  • Click on Promote to access the ArtSlant Email Tool.
  • Import your mail list and create your promotional email.  Send it out.


ArtSlant allows artists to maintain a mailing list for sending announcements to their customers. The list may be created either by importing contacts from an online source such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail, or by typing or pasting email addresses into the email list manual entry box.


1) 3 Designer Templates

Artists can select from 3 templates. Up to 4 images are pulled directly from your Profile slideshow or your SalesRoom gallery.

2) Your Name and Profile Link on All Email

The top of your email announcement will show your name and link to your Profile, along with the ArtSlant logo.


3) Write Your Own Email or Use Our Standard Messages

Artists can create their own title and message for each email, or they can use the standard message which already appears in the Rich Text Box of the ArtSlant email templates.  Our current message is especially geared towards those artists selling our in our SalesRoom.


4) Style Your Email Using the Control Panel

Artists can change the font style or color and add lists or links to the email message using the Control Panel in the Rich Text Box (see our FAQs for more info on the Control Panel)

5) Add More Images in Your Email

Artists can add more images in the email message using the Picture Icon in the Control Panel.

6) Send and Track Email Using Your Email Index

Artists can mail up to 100 people free each month.  Each emailer can only be sent out once (to make sure you don't accidentally repeat yourself).

Track your e-announcements through the Email Index found in Mailings on your MY PAGE (see our FAQs for more info on MY PAGE)



News From My Studio 8/13/10 send
Test Email Center Format 8/12/10 8/12/10 3 3 0 view
Test Email Right Side 8/12/10 8/12/10 3 3 0 view
Test Email Left Side 8/12/10 8/12/10 3 3 0 view
News From My Studio 8/12/10 8/12/10 3 2 0 view