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Rooted to the Landscape, Commited to the Community: Santa Fe in 2013

by Lauren Tresp
Art is felt to be Santa Fe’s lifeblood, both in terms of economic prosperity and in the more abstract sense of cultural capital. Thus, visual creations creep their way onto every available surface, and this is part of the city’s charm: art is not restricted to the gallery and the museum. In the City Different, hit exhibitions take place in widely varying venues, from restaurants and cafes to makeshift studios and auto mechanic garages; visual expression just runs that deep. There is a dark side... [more]
Posted by Lauren Tresp on 1/23/14

2013: Paris or London? Philippa Snow and James Loks with a Tale of Two Cities

by ArtSlant Team
James Loks <************************>   to Philippa 23/12/2013         I've just been trying to think about what I'm going to say, in between writing shopping lists and looking at fish stew recipes. Yes we are eating fish stew for christmas which is largely because my wife is Polish, carp is not very tasty and we don't have a bath in which to keep it. This takes a longer explanation but you can google it. And... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/9/14

Favorite Words by Favorite Writers: SF in 2013

by ArtSlant Team
2013, that futuristic date, has already been replaced by another and so far it appears that no apocalypse accompanied it. (Thirteen years after Y2K do survivalists and world-enders still clutch their rifles and check their supplies every December 31st? Probably.) Though the world is not over, the year certainly is. To properly bury 2013, we need an epitaph, a eulogy, a blurb. So we’ve plucked a few of our favorite words from our two favorite Bay Area writers, Christina Catherine Martinez and... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/3/14

Visions from Los Angeles: LA in 2013

by ArtSlant Team
And so it’s over. This year we watched Raspberry Posers in converted parking garages and sex-cult leaders at art fairs, floating heads and racecar book covers speed on by, paperbag haikus and spectral light shining on terrible beauty. All of it we saw like dancing mirages in the strange country of Los Angeles. To finish up 2013, we decided to pluck some of our favorite words from the gang of writers in Los Angeles this publication has found itself proud to host. We are not sullying the new... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/3/14

Reflections, Controversy, and Relief: Pepper’s Best of… 2013

by James Pepper Kelly
  Best reflections of America : Emily Severance & Helmut Heiss at slow, produced in partnership with ACRE and with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts, and Culture, April 6-26 Slow is what happens when an apartment gallery evolves. The Pilsen-based venue pairs contemporary art with intricate homebrews, and visitors can enjoy straight viewing in the gallery or extended dialogue in the dimly lit back living room and kitchen. When all this coalesces, it’s... [more]
Posted by James Pepper Kelly on 1/2/14

Amsterdam 2013 Superlatives

by Andrea Alessi
By a contingency of scheduling, our Amsterdam 2013 superlatives always seem to get published at the start of 2014. That’s okay. This hangover week, as we recover from festivities, resolving to eat lentils and drink lots of water, is as good of a time as any to reflect on the year past. The galleries prepare to open; the work we’ve put aside tiptoes from periphery to center. Sure, we fall right back into pensive reviews and editorial, but instead, let’s have one last recap to gently return us... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 12/31/13

Top Ten Exhibitions in New York, 2013

by Charlie Schultz
"Where is Jack Goldstein?” at Venus Over Manhattan “As technologic fires rain down in the brightly spotlit paintings, and the world appears to end in both the trajectory of a missile and a planetary eclipse, love is lost, remembered, mourned, and renewed in lingering strains. Goldstein's world is not a bright one, and when viewed together these works offer at best a cold sanctuary from a reality lost in images of its own destruction.” Collin Sundt Josh Tonsfeldt at Simon Preston... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/28/13

Required Reading, Required Viewing: Best of Chicago Exhibitions, 2013

by Stephanie Cristello
Stephanie Cristello takes a look back at 2013 to survey the most groundbreaking exhibitions that presented themselves this past year. Amalia Pica | Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Was there anything more visually and conceptually stimulating than Amalia Pica’s solo exhibition at the MCA in 2013? This was truly an impressive survey by the Argentinian-born, London-based artist, whose aesthetics fly under the radar in such an amazing way. Whereas the theme and subject of color is often a... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 12/27/13

Avoiding the Pomeranian Stampede: Berlin in Review

by Max Nesterak
I can’t say I didn’t see this coming: the end of year review. I approach this time of year with a mix of dread and depressed resignation with our current mediascape. My Facebook feed currently includes such reflective gems as “The 40 Most Influential Poms of 2013” and “35 Most Important Texts of 2013.” (Spoiler alert: they’re neither important nor deserving of the title “text.” Also, “Poms” is short for “Pomeranians,” in case you didn’t know).   For Americans like myself, it feels like Black... [more]
Posted by Max Nesterak on 12/25/13
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