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What You Read: The Most Popular Articles of 2014

by The Artslant Team
You, our readers, are all over the world and it’s always enlightening to learn what you're reading—from China to London, New York to São Paulo. The end of the year gives us a change to look back, tally the numbers, and see what you read, discover how we did. Some of our editors’ very favorite articles fall under the radar no matter how much care and attention we give them, while others exceed our wildest expectations. It’s fascinating to watch a news item, opinionated essay, or piece of... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 12/30/14

Plastic Words: Events in the Contested Space Between Literature and Art

by Phoebe Stubbs
Opening this weekend at Raven Row London is a series of events about the intersection of literature and art called , which will run throughout December and January. There has been a resurgent interest in the overlap of contemporary literature and art recently. The development of the independent Art Writing MFA at Goldsmiths and its swift subsumption back into the MFA in Fine Art neatly demonstrates the sometimes contested, sometimes happily shared, ground these modes of working occupy. Whatever... [more]
Posted by Phoebe Stubbs on 12/11/14

Spiral Stories: Simon Starling at the MCA Chicago

by James Pepper Kelly
An Italian/Polish Fiat, wheels to the wall, is anchored over your head. In the next room, two slabs of marble dominate the space—250 kg from Italy, one ton from China—floating above the floor. They support each other by means of a simple pulley. Further into the exhibition, helium-filled jacks hold up and balance a 4,900 lb. plate of Romanian steel. These three works are given top billing in , the artist’s first major American museum survey. Starling is overdue for recognition in the United... [more]
Posted by James Pepper Kelly on 8/22/14

Mind the Gap: Between Art, Work, and Life

by Christina Catherine Martinez
—Robert Filliou  Sometime last fall, in a moment beyond reason, I took a two-hour bus ride to pick up a pair of $89 shoes that were then on sale for $14.99 at a Zara near the Santa Monica Pier. The bus ride was my penance for the deal, an enactment of the masochistic conflation of time with money. I read Chris Kraus' Where Art Belongs on the 704 as it lurched the long stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard, jotting crooked notes along the way, wondering if art is just a pretext for living a... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 7/28/14

You Are Free: On Self-Exploitation in Art

by Andrew Berardini
Philip quietly put away the various things which he had shown. "I'm afraid that sounds as if you didn't think I had much chance." Monsieur Foinet slightly shrugged his shoulders. "[...] You will never be anything but mediocre." Philip obliged himself to answer quite steadily. "I'm very grateful to you for having taken so much trouble. I can't thank you enough." Monsieur Foinet got up and made as if to go, but he changed his mind and, stopping, put his hand on Philip's shoulder. "But if... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 4/8/14

Don't Let 'em See You Sweat: Notes on Work

by Christina Catherine Martinez
In the mind’s eye hangs a poster of a discomfitingly adorable orange-and-white kitten clinging perilously to a tree branch by a single paw. In thick bubbly script are the words "Hang in there, baby!” I don’t know much about what my friends have accomplished this year, but we are all exceedingly familiar with what we’re in the middle of doing, and more obliquely, what we intend to do. We know exactly how hard we’re working.  *** Eight undergraduate students nurse Monday morning coffees,... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 4/6/13

Interview with Zhang Dali

by Sophia Powers
- ArtSlant editor Sophia Powers stepped into Eli Klein Fine Arts to speak with Zhang Dali about his recent solo show: “New Slogan.”  The artist had arrived with Klein moments before, having just returned from a meeting at MoMA where it was confirmed that Zhang will take part in an upcoming exhibition of six artists.  Bravo Zhang Dali! Zhang Dali, Demolition, 1999, Photograph, 60x89.85 cm, Ed of 10; Courtesy of the artist and Eli Klein, NY Sophia Powers:  I’d love to hear how you got... [more]
Posted by Sophia Powers on 5/9/11
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