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This Is Not a Digital Artwork: Four Artists Whose Works Trick the Eye

by Andrea Zlotowitz
We live in a digitally manipulated world where Photoshop and Instagram filters are essential everyday tools in public image making. In movies, CGI tricks the audience into believing the impossible by making it visually plausible. In art, we're used to seeing similar qualities: digital tools and graphic design resources have leaked into other creative mediums, achieving through aesthetics what the naked eye fails to see. Yet there are artists who embrace the digital realm, paradoxically, by... [more]
Posted by Andrea Zlotowitz on 10/26/15

Fractal Realities: A Look at Lala Abaddon's Amazing Photo-Weavings

by Andrea Zlotowitz
Mixing painting and weaving with 35mm photography, Brooklyn-based artist Lala Abaddon creates intricate woven works that “create space and time within a stationary moment” through her use of color and contrast. By cutting printed photographs into hundreds of strips, which she then weaves together, Abaddon creates a deconstructed collage of worldly experience, exemplifying alternate realities of chaos, color, and the universe. Her work dives into the cerebral components of human connection... [more]
Posted by Andrea Zlotowitz on 2/24/15

ArtSlant Prize 2013: Robin Kang - Playing with Machines

by Joel Kuennen
Robin Kang - First Place, ArtSlant Prize 2013 Robin Kang interrogates machinery. From her roots as a photographer (BFA) and through her MFA in printmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, it’s always been about how the machine affects the artwork produced and what exactly can be done within that process of translation: idea to object. Her latest projects involve two very different explorations. Using digital jacquard looms, she recreates patterns taken both from ancient weaving... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 11/23/13

Zittel Feel

by Lori Zimmer
When thinking about Andrea Zittel’s body of work and her exploration into modular structures, the interplay between spatial relations and day to day living come to mind. Her latest exhibition at Andrea Rosen Gallery continues her dialogue between abstraction and representation -- yet levels out the playing field. By abandoning her previous practice of creating three-dimensional sculptural environments, “Fluid Panel State” takes on Zittel’s exploration of assigning meaning and category to... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 9/24/12