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How Mario Kart Is Like Rubens: The Classical Principles of Video Game Art

by Jade Angeles Fitton
Remember those misspent days spent playing ? Remember your parents confiscating your Mario Kart? Turns out your parents didn’t appreciate good art when they saw it.   Golden Axe, Atari    Super Mario Kart, Super Nintendo    Today many people passionately acknowledge computer game art as relevant, “legitimate,” art. Others believe that computer game art is dumbed down, that the pinnacle of artistic talent was the Renaissance—with "The Masters," like Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens,... [more]
Posted by Jade Angeles Fitton on 3/18/15

Ocular Evolution: Art Meets Virtual Reality at the Sundance Film Festival

by Antonia Ward
The Sundance Institute is perhaps best known for its annual Film Festival, which opened this year on January 22 and concludes on Sunday. But in recent years the Institute has also been busy building an increasingly influential artistic program forged at the crossroads of film, fine art, media, live performance, and technology. New Frontier was established in 2007 as a dynamic initiative to identify and nurture independent artists working across diverse media to pioneer new methods of... [more]
Posted by Antonia Ward on 1/30/15