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Conflict Art: Creation in the Face of Destruction

by Phoebe Stubbs
The vast number “51200000” begins a small quote in Peter Kennard’s retrospective at the Imperial War Museum, London. The newest work in the show,  has a handrail separating the viewer from reprints of his famous photomontages, printed with statements of fact—the horrendous quantifications of human conflict. “51.2 million,” we are informed, is “the total number of forcibly displaced people across the world in 2013 (the highest since the Second World War).” To aid our comprehension of this the... [more]
Posted by Phoebe Stubbs on 7/8/15

Sean Lynch on Researching Rumors and His Venice Biennale Presentation

by Natalie Hegert
Venice is a city of many hidden stories: the labors of conquests buried in damp passageways, the dreams of crusaders and merchants obscured behind masks, forgotten stories in moldering letters, in dark-browed statues guarding doorways, and treasures of spice and silk sunk deep in the Venetian Lagoon. But there are hidden stories everywhere on God’s good green earth, not just in cities steeped in literature and teeming with ghosts. Sean Lynch finds such stories, researching rumors and urban... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 4/27/15

[VIDEO] Terike Haapoja at Nordic Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale 2013

by Vernissage TV
  Terike Haapoja’s solo exhibition in the Nordic Pavilion is one of two exhibitions that Finland presents at the 55th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibitions are presented under the heading , a title that refers to an event that happened at the 2011 biennale: The Finnish pavilion was severely damaged when a large tree fell on the building. While Antti Laitinen deals with the exhibition concept in the Finnish Aalto Pavilion, Terike Haapoja converts the Nordic... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 8/20/13

[VIDEO] Anri Sala: Ravel Ravel Unravel. French Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2013

by Vernissage TV
Anri Sala represents France at the 55th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy. The exhibition is titled Ravel Ravel Unravel, which is a play on words based on the verb ravel, as well as a reference to the French composer Maurice Ravel. The videos on display show two pianists and a DJ who tries to sync the two different performances. This year, France and Germany have swapped their pavilions in the Giardini, so Anri Sala’s project has been conceived for the... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 8/20/13

The National Pavilions, Part II: Politics vs. Imagination

by Federico Florian
My tour through the national pavilions goes on (see Part I). We have imagined it like an artistic from the material to the immaterial, from the substantial to the ephemeral. But the word ‘material’ has not only to do with the physical consistency of things. The term denotes something concrete, actual and real – a type of pragmatic and exact knowledge. The accuracy of historical analysis as well as the pragmatism of political discourse can both be included into the realm of the ‘material’. On... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 8/14/13

In Anticipation of Missing Something: the Pavilions of Angola, Bahrain, and the Holy See

by Gabriella Picone
It’s nearly impossible to see every work of art at the Venice Biennale and although many attempt to complete this glorious task, they often fall short. The biennale is just too monumental with the eighty-eight participating national pavilions, the extensive exhibition hall and hundred subsidiary events spread around the city. Inevitably there are always going to be one or two forgotten national pavilions tucked away in the pockets of the city or an installation by an emerging artist located on... [more]
Posted by Gabriella Picone on 8/14/13

[VIDEO] Yiqing Yin: In-Between / Venice Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale 2013

by Vernissage TV
The Venice Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia is paying tribute to the “soft art”, weaving, and Venice as the destination of the legendary “silk roads” with the exhibition “Silk Map”. Six artists from Italy and the East have been invited to create artworks for the group show: AES+F, Marya Kazoun, Mimmo Roselli, Shilpa Gupta, Marialuisa Tadei and Yiqing Yin. The Paris-based French designer Yiqing Yin created the art piece “In-Between”, a red threaded... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 8/7/13

The national pavilions. An artistic dérive from the material to the immaterial.

by Federico Florian
'Visions of spell sometimes emerge from the lagoon like ghosts dripping endless melancholy.' These are the words that the well-known Italian art critic Antonio Morassi once used to describe the impressionistic views of Venice by Francesco Guardi – the great 18th century painter (and also Giambattista Tiepolo's brother-in-law). Morassi's description does justice to the evanescent, ghostly quality of Guardi's paintings; there, Venice seems to disappear in a tangle of colors and vaporized forms. I... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 7/31/13

The Biennale collateral events: a few remarks around the stones of Venice

by Federico Florian
This is the description of Venice that the British writer and art historian John Ruskin gives in the incipit of his famous three-volume The Stones of Venice, published in London from 1851 to 1853. In the following lines, the author expresses the real reason of a treatise about Venetian art and architecture: I would endeavour to trace the lines of this image [the fading, feeble reflection of the city on the sea] before it be for ever lost, and to record, as far as I may, the warning which... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 7/31/13

[VIDEO] Konrad Smoleński / Polish Pavillon, Venice Art Biennale 2013

by Vernissage TV
Konrad Smoleński represents Poland at the Venice Art Biennale 2013. His monumental installation in the Polish Pavilion in the Biennale’s Giardini is titled . The work is a continuation of the previous explorations of Konrad Smoleński, who focuses his interest on sound. Two church bells that have been cast especially for this exhibition are at the center of the installation. Two walls of loudspeakers and other elements complete the work. In regular intervals, the traditional bronze bells,... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 7/28/13
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