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Systematic Materiality: The Artists Challenging Painting and Drawing with Textiles

by Leora Lutz
Sabine Reckewell and Samantha Bittman are two artists that are each working with textiles in the contemporary moment. Using rigorous systems that require a tremendous amount of planning before making and building can begin, both artists have an acute respect for order that enables their work to conjure awe bordering on the inconceivable. Each studied textiles in undergrad, though several generations apart; Reckewell received a BS at UC Davis in 1976, and Bittman a BFA from RISD in 2004.... [more]
Posted by Leora Lutz on 6/1/15

Tuttling: Art as Pervasive as Nature

by S V Km
Before I saw the Fabric Workshop’s massive undertaking with Richard Tuttle, I had visited Pace Gallery’s collaboration with the artist at Frieze New York. The presentation was unique but puzzling, with all walls painted a mud brown and petite drawings trotting serially along the wall. While intrigued, I found the overall effect dubious. at the Fabric Workshop is not only an elaboration, but perhaps the closest thing to a visual manifesto one can reach in Tuttle’s opaque work, a context by... [more]
Posted by S V Km on 5/24/15

Nothing is Set in Stone

by Christina Catherine Martinez
The long stretch of Santa Monica where I once-upon-a-time commuted from a humble craftsman with more roommates than there were rooms to a chi-chi boutique where the diamonds in my charge were given more room to breathe than my fellow tuna-canned bus passengers pressed together in mutually unsatisfactory intimacy. The mood, demeanor, and politics of any given day were, to an extent, influenced by the mode of transportation that morning: bus, bike, lurchy pre-owned vehicle about the same age as... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 9/23/14

Threadless Patchworks and Seamy Fabrications

by Kara Q. Smith
Here, the process and patterning of quiltmaking multifariously inspires. The repetitive tattoo of the sewing machine, the lush and rough textures of fabrics, and the echoing generational symbols of the tradition thread their way through varied works. Each artist concentrates upon, refines, or abstracts individual facets of the rich history of the quilt-as-medium, using it as a launching point for experimental explorations in the present.   At its simplest, the mathematical construction of the... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 7/16/14

Art Dolls by Charla Khanna

        JANE SAUER GALLERY presents “Secular Santos,” an exhibition of “art dolls” by textile artist Charla Khanna of Taos, New Mexico. Being in a room of dolls made by Charla Khanna creates a world made from the heart. The dolls of Khanna are not saccharine or fluffy. “Doll making provides me with the best vehicle to express what I want to about life, people and ideas,” Khanna says. She takes issue with seeing her artworks as simply decorative “dolls” or anything ... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 11/29/10