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The Realized, Unrealized, and Unrealizable: Everything Loose Will Land at the Graham Foundation

by Gan Uyeda
In the sprawling exhibition Everything Loose Will Land, currently on view at the Graham Foundation, curator Sylvia Lavin deftly tells the story how the worlds of art, architecture, and urban design came together in fantastical and bizarre ways throughout the 1970s. The title comes from a supposed quotation by Frank Lloyd Wright: “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”[1] The exhibition is packed with architectural models, building plans, sculptures,... [more]
Posted by Gan Uyeda on 7/18/14

Tip the world over on its side to find art and architecture collide

by Troy pieper
Few objects in are as they seem. The Graham Foundation in Chicago is the third stop for this show of 1970s art and architecture that characterized the cultural ecology of Los Angeles at the time. The works on display explore space and structure in ways directly influenced by artists’ place and time, their work, in many cases, transforming the conceptual boundaries of design. Curator Sylvia Lavin, Professor of Architectural Theory and History at UCLA, organized the show into four... [more]
Posted by Troy pieper on 5/9/14