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Under the Radar: Winnie Chan | Suzanne Dittenber | Young Eun Kang

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Winnie Chan – London & Exeter Suzanne Dittenber – Indiana Young Eun Kang –... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 3/24/17

2015's Big 15: The Museum Shows to Look Out For This Year

by The Artslant Team
The position of the Art Museum has become tricky, thanks to the rise of the independent cultural producer, pop-ups and nomadic curators, and the increasing popularity of free public art. In the same way Hollywood was broken up by agents in the 50s, the institute is under siege. To be relevant to a demographic spread—with rising ticket prices and all—art centers are having to work hard within their parameters. In 2015, visitors expect more than just blockbusters with an educational fiber,... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 1/2/15

Araki: An Exhibitionist Looking Death in the Eye

by Edo Dijksterhuis
In the film (1998) by Kore-eda Hirokazu the recently deceased end up on a minimalist film set. In this purgatory they discuss and improvise with their fellow travelers until they have decided on the ultimately defining moment of their lives. They re-enact it and then pass over to whatever paradise or nothingness may be waiting for them. One by one the dead come to terms with what they’ve left behind. Except for one, who can’t decide. That guy could have been Nobuyoshi Araki. The now... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 12/22/14

In Search of Analogue Photography's Uncharted Territory

by Gabriel H. Sanchez
If any image could be counted as a badge of honor amongst photographer artists, it would be the navel gaze of photographing one's own camera. Like countless others before him, David Benjamin Sherry has also photographed the tool of his trade in all its glory. Among the twenty-nine photographs on view in  at Salon 94, the artist’s traditional large-format camera is shown as a quiet still life upon its tripod—its bellows left extended as if focused precisely on any number of the other subjects on... [more]
Posted by Gabriel H. Sanchez on 9/18/14

Everything in Its Absence

by Christina Catherine Martinez
Though it has proved its mettle in disposable boat construction and DIY prom couture, the most interesting functions of tape are metaphysical. Gangly schoolchildren and polished movie actresses alike take their positions in front of a camera according to bold silver or yellow strips laid out on the floor. Toes on the line, please. Chin up. Now don’t move from that spot. Art Directors and household decorators with low-levels of anal retentiveness plan out their above-sofa picture compositions... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 10/11/13
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