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Basically Obsessed: Haunted Euth

Heavy metal, drugs, moral decay…Yes, please! We’re loving what we’re seeing from L.A. artist Haunted Euth. Working across mediums, you can find his hard-core zombie character all over L.A. Euth cut his teeth on the streets with self-made stickers and wheat pastes after graduating high school in 2004. Since then he’s graduated from Otis College of Art and Design and to a host of other mediums including spray paint, acrylics, and woodcarving. Most recently, Euth has been working with poured... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 7/8/14

DEIH's Intergalactic Inspirations

With over 20 years on the streets, Spanish street artist DEIH’s got OG status and the refined style of an experienced painter. Part of XLF Crew, DEIH’s science fiction inspired works are rich with imagination and adventure. An intergalactic hero prepares for take off next to an empty parking lot, a boy explorer comes face-to-face with the universe in an abandoned room, zombie aliens smirk from dark hoods along blank cinder blocks. Like a good comic book, his pieces rocket us into other... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 6/11/14

Googly Eyes and Women's Underwear: Ladamenrouge on the Streets of Saint-Etienne

Coming to us from the streets of Saint-Étienne, France, Ladamenrouge's work is creative, varied, and delightfully hypersexual. He caught our attention with his series of female trees, wearing nothing but white women's panties in broad daylight. We'll never be able to look our Mother Nature in the eyes again, unless of course, we stumble upon his other, equally eye-catching project. Another signature Ladamenrouge is placing plastic bobble-eyes on bits of trash – old wrappers and used condoms –... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 5/22/14

Sign Stealers: Scandinavian Street Art Group Etiskvandalism

Street Art group Etiskvandalism is a self-described “tribe consisting of five Scandinavian trolls (lat. Homo vandalus moralis)." They could be seen, perhaps, as Scandinavia’s answer to such legends as French street sign vandal CLET. The group steals signs and replaces them slightly altered with sometimes political, always playful results. Don’t make us pick favorites, but we think their hijacked warning sign depicting cavemen trying to figure out global warming is particularly on point. More... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 5/1/14

Super Creative Recycling: Bordalo II

An enormous bumble-bee outside an abandoned building, a giant parrot perched on an old tire under an overpass, two fish swimming on the side of an industrial dock. These are some of the wonderful imaginations of Lisbon-based street artist Bordalo II who creates large-scale nature scenes from the byproducts of the consumerist culture he critiques: garbage. Working both on and off the streets, Bordalo II’s creations appropriate trash back into a kind of unnatural circle of life, where trash... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/7/14

STRA Gets Around

French Street Artist STRA gets around. From Portugal to England to France, there’s probably a STRA piece near you (or coming soon). Using paste-ups and paint, STRA’s work critiques politicians, consumerism, and capitalism. He created a particularly poignant series following the Euro crisis. Right now STRA is in Australia, painting up down under. He describes himself as just a guy using the street to pass messages (Like a postman, he says.) We’re following his trail of tags on Facebook and... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/1/14

Sharp Stencils: JULY i

by Max Nesterak
Toronto-based street and urban “view artist” JULY i isn’t one for sugar coating a message. JULY i’s work is sharp, offering biting cultural and political critiques rich with a dark humor. Working with stencils or painting free hand, JULY i’s oeuvre includes works addressing everything from environmentalism to consumerism to colonialism. Found everywhere but in the gallery, JULY i is a street art traditionalist, working in back alleyways and underpasses, places where it’s still called vandalism... [more]
Posted by Max Nesterak on 3/23/14

Offbeat Illustrator: Pierre-Paul Pariseau

We’re loving these colorful, offbeat illustrations from French Canadian artist Pierre-Paul Pariseau. With elements of pop art, surrealism, and a bit of comic book style, his pieces are simply cool, and we wish there was a storybook to go along with them. Pariseau exhibits his work often in North America and Europe, and has had his work featured in a number of books showcasing the best in contemporary illustration.    Pierre-Paul PariseauAccordeon; Courtesy of the artist    More on... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/17/14

Barbara Talks Back to the City

by Max Nesterak
She’s Barbara. She’s got something to say. And sometimes she thinks about chocolate while masturbating (aber ist bestimmt auch nicht die Einzige!) A recent transplant from Berlin, Barbara brings the typical Berliner anti-establishment attitude and cutting wit to Heidelberg where she talks backs to the city through her 8.5 x 11 print outs. They’re absolutely brilliant. She doesn’t give much information about herself, preferring to remain (refreshingly) anonymous. We did chat a bit on Facebook... [more]
Posted by Max Nesterak on 3/13/14

NYC Muralist Duo Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett

NYC street art muralist couple Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett are busy. Since painting their first mural together last fall with the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project at E. 1st St. & 1st Ave. in Manhattan (well, their first mural together was actually on Berrett’s basement floor that they painted together while stranded at home during Hurricane Sandy), they’ve been called to work in Williamsburg, Wynwood, and Miami Beach. Using vivid oranges, reds, yellows, and pinks, the mural-duo has... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 1/26/14