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Fade into White: Roman Opalka's Infinity

by Sarah Mills
The magnitude of entropy overcomes one who moves along the two floors of Dominique Lévy’s gallery, viewing Roman Opalka’s five-decade quest to render the spectrum of time’s (ir)relevance. Two early series prognosticate the honed laboriousness arriving in the French-born Polish artist’s most renowned final series – ∞ (1965-2011). In this series, comprising 233 paintings in total, 11 shown by the gallery—each titled Détails—Opalka painted a number progression for forty-six years, beginning with... [more]
Posted by Sarah Mills on 9/22/14

Yes, this House is a Shrine: Artangel Opens Van Gogh Residence in London

by Keren Goldberg
I was very excited when I received a letter from Artangel, and realised it contained not the tickets I bought to their new commission, but rather texts relating to the work itself. The envelope contained a duplication of two historical letters, dated 1974: the first was a request written by Arthur Brown, the former landlord of 87 Hackford Road in London, addressed to the local council asking them to avoid demolishing his property, as it was recently revealed by a local postman that it once... [more]
Posted by Keren Goldberg on 5/15/14

The Whole Truth - Lawrence Abu Hamdan

by Himali Singh Soin
You avert your eyes when I ask you if you're really no longer in love with those that broke your heart. You twitch a little after you've stolen, heave and churn inside before accepting that job you don't want. It is the gap between the truth and your realisation of it that makes for dramatic irony, that makes for the narratives within which you swallow and strut through life. And if you lived sensitively, the truth – the direction of the grain upon which it's all written – reveals itself.... [more]
Posted by Himali Singh Soin on 2/22/14

Things That Are Alive

by Christina Catherine Martinez
People in museums move like assholes. This dynamic may be little more than a distant memory for those privy to the luxury of sparsely-populated art spaces: via opening receptions, press previews, off-hours viewings organized by friends of friends, or just the good fortune of being free most Monday mornings.  Unfortunately, when confronted with the work of an artist who seeks to interrogate, interrupt, obfuscate, or otherwise f*ck The Space of the Museum, privileged classes of museum-goers... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 11/5/13

Playing with Gray Matter

by Nicola Bozzi
Conceived as half of a two-exhibition series titled , Lotte Geeven's solo show at PAKT plays with the viewer’s perception, right off the bat. The most striking installation in the Zeeburg gallery is a series of stripes, ranging from black to white, which turn the banal chromatic shift of the venue's floor that occurs over the course of the day into something visible and discrete. Another work, this one sound-based, plays noises recorded by the artist during her visit to a 9.101 meter-deep hole... [more]
Posted by Nicola Bozzi on 10/9/13

Performance in Sculpture

by Briony Lewis
As part of its contemporary art programme this year, Musée Rodin invited Erik Samakh to hold a solo exhibition in the museum garden. Describing himself as a “hunter-gatherer” of images and sounds, Samakh always aims to create a unique experience for the audience; for this show, the artist has created a sound installation in the rose gardens surrounding and The Three Shades, and an installation of ten natural stone blocks placed throughout the rest of the garden. The sound installation Voices,... [more]
Posted by Briony Lewis on 9/24/13

Mix, Remix: Interview with Ala Ebtekar

by Kara Q. Smith
I first saw Ala Ebtekar’s work on a billboard in downtown San Francisco. Juxtaposed amidst condo developments and rush hour traffic, it was a visual reprieve. It broke up a familiar landscape, one where billboard iconography is quite familiar and expected, and presented a new motif. The animal-like character featured in the center of a patterned background was almost recognizable, perhaps a ceremonial beast of some ancient history, but just abstract enough to welcome the unenlightened. What it... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 8/25/13

[VIDEO] Konrad Smoleński / Polish Pavillon, Venice Art Biennale 2013

by Vernissage TV
Konrad Smoleński represents Poland at the Venice Art Biennale 2013. His monumental installation in the Polish Pavilion in the Biennale’s Giardini is titled . The work is a continuation of the previous explorations of Konrad Smoleński, who focuses his interest on sound. Two church bells that have been cast especially for this exhibition are at the center of the installation. Two walls of loudspeakers and other elements complete the work. In regular intervals, the traditional bronze bells,... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 7/28/13

Experimental Sound: an interview with crys cole

by Courtney R. Thompson
I met crys cole when I repatriated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada via Chicago in the Fall of 2012. She was—and still is—director of an experimental sound festival, send + receive, that I became a part of (I am a current board member). She is also a busy sound artist herself with many collaborative and solo projects that take her outside of North America. Her performances and installations create environments of active listening; an acoustic ecology that involves contact microphones and the... [more]
Posted by Courtney R. Thompson on 6/23/13

The Audience, Remixed: Haroon Mirza at Frieze Sounds

by Ryan Wong
Haroon Mirza has made his reputation as an artist of the remix. He structures the unglamorous beeps and buzzes of antiquated audio technology into beats and melodies. But he also appreciates those machines for their sculptural qualities, synchronizing their sounds with lights and moving pieces – as if Kraftwerk were building a Rube Goldberg machine. Part music, part sculpture, part architectural intervention, Mirza remixes not just sounds but the spaces they inhabit. For his Frieze Sounds... [more]
Posted by Ryan Wong on 5/8/13
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