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Buzzing Solo Booths: Report from the Armory Show, Volta, and SCOPE

by Charlie Schultz
Crowd instincts kick in at art fairs and curiosity can be a big draw. The first thing I saw walking into Volta, known for its one-artist-per-gallery policy, was an arc of bodies at the last booth of the aisle. Wilmer Wilson IV was performing and his audience was rapt. Phones and tablets were out, capturing him as he inflated brown paper bags, tied them off with twine and roped them to his naked body. You could hear the paper pop with his breath and the snip of his scissors when he cut lengths... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 3/8/14

On the Changing Culture of the Art Fair: SCOPE's Katelijne De Backer Pulls Back the Curtains

by Charlie Schultz
It's undeniable that the proliferation, expansion and emboldening of the art fair is a distinct characteristic of our contemporary art world. The art fair industry over the last decade has grown exponentially, becoming a crucial part of the art landscape, developing from mere trade shows into elaborate events and necessary meeting grounds for art professionals. Charlie Schultz talks with Katelijne De Backer, the Director of Exhibitor Relations for SCOPE about the evolution of art fairs, her... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 3/5/14

ArtSlant's Armory Week Art Fairs and Events Guide

by ArtSlant Team
Armory Show  March 6-9Opening Day: Mar 5, 12-8pm Early Access, 5-8pm MoMA vernissage ticket holdersPublic Hours: Mar 6-9, 12-7pm It’s grand, it’s gorgeous, and it’s a pretty significant hike from the train or a long queue in a cab to roll up to the entrance. But of course worth the trip, worth the time, and worth the investment for collectors. The Armory Show is full of enthralling things, from the 20th century modern works on Pier 92, to the contemporary works on Pier 94. This year’s focus... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/25/14

Special Projects at SCOPE Basel 2013

by Lori Zimmer
Just as the chaos of Frieze week in New York has calmed down, the party is resurrected in Basel, Switzerland. After a big splash at new venue, Skylight at Moynihan Station, SCOPE art fair continues to ride the heels of their rebranding honeymoon by raising the bar in Switzerland. This year, SCOPE plans to wow with a roster of edgy featured projects including a sprawling El Anatsui installation, a museum quality sculpture garden and a metaphysical masterpiece with magnets and neon, which offers... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 6/10/13

Upping the Ante: Armory Arts Week 2013

by Lori Zimmer
With the arrival of Armory Week, last year’s experiment of Armory versus Frieze is rearing its ugly head, and settling itself into reality. The splash that Frieze made last year on the enchanted (Roosevelt) Island of art lured satellite fairs Pulse and NADA to jump ship from March to May, but Scope, Fountain and the Armory’s little sister, VOLTA, remain Armory Week fixtures. To up their game, both Scope and VOLTA have shed their trade-show like skins, and relocated to historic (and more... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 3/3/13