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The Resistance Issue: An Introduction

by Andrea Alessi
Table of Contents: The Problem of Art's Morality | Joel Kuennen Body as Material in the Surveillance State | Tara Plath Queering Film Production | Lauren McQuade Bringing Self-Defense Performance into the Community | Joel Kuennen   If resistance hasn’t been on your mind lately, you haven’t been paying attention. In an explosive presidential primary season, the loudest voices on both sides of the aisle flaunt their outsider statuses, reacting against the mainstream. While appeals to the... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 2/25/16

The Problem of Art's Morality

by Joel Kuennen
This is a question that has plagued me the past few months, egged on by a resurgence in the use of “politically correct” or PC as a pejorative in American culture. The term PC first came to political prominence in a speech given by George H.W. Bush during a commencement speech at the University of Michigan in 1991. In it, he was quick to align “political correctness” with intolerance, claiming it to be a force for the abuse of individuals based on their race (read “whiteness”) or class... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 2/24/16

Queering Film Production: Red Lighter Films Isn't Waiting for a New System, They're Building One

by Lauren McQuade
Hobbes Ginsberg walked out of Sunday Gallery in Los Angeles on what was supposed to be the final day of filming. “There's literally one shot left,” said Ginsberg, wearing a fitted white T-shirt that was plain except for a hot pink applique on the front that spelled out “Hollywood” in sparkly bold cursive. “But it's so teeny tiny—can we get rid of it?” said Chloe Feller, with a faint air of hope in her voice. “Uh, no,” Ginsberg said. The remaining shot will be left for one more day on... [more]
Posted by Lauren McQuade on 2/23/16

With an Urban Gaze, Valérie Jouve Confronts Manufactured Divides

by Lara Atallah
In a time of rampant gentrification and widening socio-economic gaps, Valérie Jouve has storied the fraught relationship between the human body and the metropolis, imagining the latter as a theater in which her protagonists are behooved to adapt. Subjects with reclined heads, stiff facial expressions, or confident postures, their bodies caught in motion, create a narrative that wavers between survival and surrender in her Jeu De Paume retrospective, , which spans a career largely dedicated to... [more]
Posted by Lara Atallah on 9/9/15