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Staging Relationships: Duets Performs a Bleak Outlook on Coupling

by Tara Plath
People wandered into the Colony, a designer co-op in Chinatown, in pairs and groups. We positioned ourselves in the middle of a minimal showroom of contemporary case goods and textiles, facing the cloth backdrop and cardboard props that set the stage for , a performance by David Gilbert and Paul Pescador presented on November 8 as part of Performa 15. The set was crafty but well crafted, with a cardboard cityscape lit from inside and paper stars on the night-sky black background. In Duets,... [more]
Posted by Tara Plath on 11/18/15

Transitioning Through a Love Affair

by Andrew Berardini
Have you ever fallen in love? Her face is open, unselfconscious, laughing. Framed by wash of blonde hair, the light sheen of sweat settles on her skin and both eyes beam, full of trust and free of tension. Here is unalloyed happiness on the face of a full-grown woman, a joy one rarely sees in adults. Of course, she’s looking at her love, the man holding the camera. As a love-story between this couple unfolds in scattered pictures, videos, and poems read aloud (each word a thud, but so... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 10/21/14