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Annette Weisser Traverses the Unsettled Moral Territories of Contemporary German Identity

by Sola Agustsson
Annette Weisser is interested in the remnants of history on the human psyche. The Berlin-based artist came of age in rural Germany in the 1980s, grappling with the specter of National Socialism and her own political socialization in West Germany. As part of the generation (the “grandchildren of the war”), Weisser and her contemporaries are caught in a moral crisis, horrified by the fascism of the past and unsettled by their nation’s ethos of repentance since the 1960s. Her work is a... [more]
Posted by Sola Agustsson on 4/5/16

Trends at Moniker and The Other Art Fair: Ink and Etching

by James Loks
Producing a trend report for The Other Art Fair and Moniker is an almost impossible task given the diversity of the work on display, which is another way to say that there is a really mixed bag in terms of both quality and aspiration.  It might indeed be the best place to pick up some really good quality pictures for relatively little money, but I’ll spill the naked truth and admit that if you’re hoping to find the next big thing and make a million bucks, that isn’t going to happen here. If... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 10/16/15

Artists' Desks

by Char Jansen
In today's mode of techno-voyeurism, we're constantly peeking into the factory to see how the sausage is made. The artist's studio has always had an allure, the inchoate site of creativity, the setting for private practice—like an escort's boudoir, the biggest mystery is, what do they do when they're alone in there? We zoom in closer to see what artists keep on their most personal work space: their desk. What does it reveal about them, or about their art? We invite artists from very different... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 8/27/15

I am 23 Years Old and I Wear Glasses

by Philippa Snow
Let us imagine that we were to hold a costume party where the theme was “artists” – you would undoubtedly get a high volume of Dalis and Frida Kahlos and bald-cap Picassos, yes, but I’d say it was a fairly certain bet that you’d get at least three David Hockneys to boot. What I mean is that Hockney – with his distinctive appearance – is so much a part of the cultural furniture that we can expect to see Hockney-styled shoots in, say, once every year at the very least; in his etchings and... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 3/5/14


This themed exhibition is dedicated to the artistic transfer of photographically produced images in the medium of printmaking. The beginnings of this trend lie in the 1960s and the era of Pop Art. The silkscreen print was one of the first printmaking media to use photographic templates. This was quickly followed by offset lithographic printing, which saw another 'trivial' print medium being used to create artistic reproductions. Parallel to this, traditional printing processes such as etching,... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 8/27/11

Works of Frans Pannekoek

      This summer the Rembrandt House Museum is staging a retrospective of the graphic work of Frans Pannekoek (b. 1937). His small drypoint prints of Dutch, Spanish and French landscapes, animals, subjects from nature, portraits and self-portraits are remarkable in their great intensity, expressed in the infinitely fine and beautifully nuanced handling of line. The tone, the chiaroscuro, are crucial in capturing space and mood. The writer Gerard Reve was a great admirer of Pannekoek,... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 8/23/10

Realism / Surrealism in Printmaking

by E-Slant Team
Although great strides have been made to move printmaking into different directions, it continues to attract those detail-loving, obsessive artists who find great satisfaction spending hundreds of hours on a cross-hatched line etching. This International group show features some outstanding examples of contemporary realism, magic realism and surrealism in printmaking. Early Bird Preview: June 2 - 5 Demonstration during the reception: Etching demonstration from 6:30- 7:00... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 6/1/09

A Poetic and Virtuosic Collaboration

by Natalie Hegert
        A short RER trip from Paris and a long pedestrian sidewalk on a busy highway bring you to CNEAI, located in Chatou on the flatteringly-named "Island of the Impressionists", a rather uninspiring ivy-banked tract of land in the middle of the Seine with a view of the passing barges and some industrial scenery.  Perhaps it looks nicer out there when it's not winter, but there's no reason to wait until then to come out and see the exhibition by musician and poet Lee Ranaldo (from Sonic... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 2/23/09

Preview: Meet Fernando Reyes

by Dormain Geyer
I first met Fernando Reyes at the Bay Printmakers Open Studios in October. Last week, I ventured out to Jingletown, in Oakland, where Reyes has a studio. I was already intrigued by his background in financial services, but learned much more about the fruits of his artistic labors. In a family of eight struggling to make ends meet in Fresno, Fernando Reyes didn't grow up with much exposure to art. Nonetheless, by junior high his interest in art had begun to develop: "I would draw caricatures... [more]
Posted by Dormain Geyer on 2/13/09

Poetic Madness

by E-Slant Team
poetic madnessand the romantic imagination The second group exhibition at RISE Berlin featuring: Alex Binnie, Barry Hogarth, Burak Cingi, Christophe Chemin, Hector De Gregorio, Jenus Kahmke, João Leonardo, Jon (Un Autre Corps), Lee Wagstaff, Matthew Brindle, no:sler, Oreet Ashery, Paul Hodgson, Ricardo Fumanal, Silentrope, Stephen Dunne, Tomi Paasonen, Vanda Playford, Wladd_Muta, Wolfgang Tillmans, Xavier Stentz Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination' is an exhibition inspired by the... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 1/5/09
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