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Under the Radar: Shweta Sharma | Lindsay Ellary | Caroline Haydon

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Shweta Sharma – Mumbai Lindsay Ellary – Dallas Caroline Haydon – Los... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 6/5/17

Portraits of Girlhood Today: Sameness and Difference in Rania Matar's New Project

by Char Jansen
Embody, disembody, co-embody, somebody, nobody: today, we are continually confronted with the complexities that result from attempts to prescribe and describe "the body." Race, age, politics, economy, sexuality, and gender all affect our physical form so individually that “there is no generic body, no such thing as 'the body'; bodies are raced, gendered, and assisted differently in the world”—as artist and writer Hannah Black says.   How do we find a balance between expressing difference and... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 11/5/15

The Very Last of Youth Subcultures

by Edo Dijksterhuis
In early 2012 Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós challenged filmmakers to create videos for their album . Photographer Ryan McGinley chose the song “Varúð,” an eight-minute dream narrated by a raspy head voice over an unsteady piano and transparent strings. In his video a barefoot girl in a glittery gold wig and a washed-out blue nightie skips through the streets of New York City in slow motion. She passes trucks, taxicabs, construction workers, and business men, moves along highways and park... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 6/2/15

Pablo Bartholomew: Time Regained

by Deepika Sorabjee
Pablo Bartholomew’s  at Sakshi Gallery takes you back in time: literally, through photographs taken in the city in the ‘70s, and artistically, from a time when photojournalism was a hallmark of magazines like LIFE and National Geographic. Its transition today into the gallery space elicits two stories, one of a lost Calcutta—its very name has changed—and one of the place for contemporary photojournalistic photography itself. In an age of pre-digital dissemination, photojournalists, the great... [more]
Posted by Deepika Sorabjee on 4/18/14

THE UN-OFFICIALS | art before 85

by Graham Webster
In 2014 Beijing's 798 Art District has transformed from its genesis as a haven for artist studios. The district is not only a showcase for star artists churning out work for an eager market, but also less recognized work of widely varying quality, and even kitsch souvenirs. With , showing until April 12 at Boers-Li Gallery, visitors are treated to an idiosyncratic treasure of a recent Beijing past that in these environs seems far more distant. Dozens of works from two pioneering Beijing artist... [more]
Posted by Graham Webster on 3/28/14

A Pleasant, Unriveting Daydream

by Rob Goyanes
Space Mountain, a fresh art space in Miami brandishing the motto “no brands, no grants,” recently hosted , a show of work by Kyle Chapman, Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, and Reno Reeves. Delicate yet sensuous, the exhibition was a subtle display of youthful maleness, and had the quality of a pleasant, unriveting daydream. Chapman showed a series of violently cartoony figures drafted from chest-prints, for which the artist’s nipples served as visual anchors. One figure was pierced with knives and... [more]
Posted by Rob Goyanes on 3/26/14

The Sochi Project: Interview with Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen

by James Pepper Kelly
has come to America and now, concurrent with an exhibition in Antwerp, is on view at Chicago’s DePaul Art Museum. (Golden Years: Rob Hornstra's Russia is also concurrently on view at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam; read Edo Dijksterhuis' review here.) In the project, Dutch documentarians Arnold van Bruggen and Rob Hornstra tell the story of Sochi, the Russian city chosen for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and its surrounding regions. Since 2009, van Bruggen and Hornstra have built the story in a... [more]
Posted by James Pepper Kelly on 2/1/14

In the shadow of Putin’s prestige project

by Edo Dijksterhuis
Making waves early on as the first Dutch photography student to graduate with a limited edition artist’s book and being recognized as a prodigy by the likes of Martin Parr, Rob Hornstra has always received his fair share of attention. But these last couple of weeks the spotlight has been considerably brighter. The reason: the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. For over five years Hornstra, together with writer Arnold van Bruggen, has traveled throughout the Caucasus to document the “reality on the... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 1/29/14

Precarious Space: Angela Dufresne + Bradley Rubenstein

by Bradley Rubenstein
Following her double gallery show at CRG and Monya Rowe Gallery last fall [see Aldrin Valdez's review], and a residency at Yaddo over the summer, Bradley Rubenstein catches up with the painter Angela Dufresne. Dufresne's work is a kaleidoscope of image references to films, literature, and art history; Rubenstein and Dufresne discuss her large-scale, theatrical images, and the sources and inspirations for them. Angela Dufresne, DJ Augustine, 2012, Oil on canvas, 84 x 132 inches; Courtesy of... [more]
Posted by Bradley Rubenstein on 10/27/13

Sex and Death: Interview with Marlene McCarty

by Ana Finel Honigman
The slippery separation between loving and killing is the theme linking Marlene McCarty’s rich and varied work. As a member of Grand Fury, the AIDS activist collective, McCarty challenged prevailing apathy, misinformation and homophobia by combining text and images for consciousness-raising public art projects. Following Grand Fury’s disbanding in the early 1990s, McCarty began producing a series of ballpoint pen drawings depicting girls who kill their mothers. Both projects trace the toxic... [more]
Posted by Ana Finel Honigman on 9/1/13
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