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Viewers as Shoppers: What Should We Make of Big Retail Space?

by Jessica Lynne
When I was younger, my parents spent an exorbitant amount of time shopping at the department store Sears. It was one of the kid-in-tow errands I most detested. As a child, I considered this habitat overwhelming and exhausting: the overzealous salespeople, the crowds, the smells of new products and open boxes, the corny advertisements, the endless special offers. From entrance to exit, accompanying my parents on their routine department store escapade was a first-hand lesson in what I now know... [more]
Posted by Jessica Lynne on 11/19/15

1950s Collages by Helen Adam Anticipated the Internet Meme

by Natalie Hegert
A funny image accompanied by a one-liner caption—it’s a form we know all too well. The internet meme is infinitely reproducible, mutable, and sharable: they're digital artifacts symptomatic of our current cut-and-paste culture. But we’re not the first generation to cut and paste with wild abandon: in Europe in the 20s and 30s, photomontage became surreal art in the hands of practitioners like Hannah Höch, John Heartfield, and Raoul Hausmann; British artists took to collage from the 1960s on,... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 1/5/15

The Man at Ululation: Bob Cobbing

by Thogdin Ripley
On the wall of the gallery space at Chelsea College of Arts there is a screen on which a monochrome film plays out. It’s a transfer from an old tape marked at the edges with braided lines, strange interference artifacts of spooling marks in stark black and white framing the scene. The image of a room looks smoky, misty, colloidal, but that’s just the video. A man with a tight buzz cut stoops over a fire bucket, poised, an end-blown flute to his mouth, using the opening and the movement of the... [more]
Posted by Thogdin Ripley on 12/10/14

Allen Ginsberg’s Photographs: The Unforgivable Passage of Time

by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska
An exhibition of Allen Ginsberg’s photographs, currently on view at the University of Toronto’s Art Centre, presents its audience with a large volume of stills taken by the poet between 1953 and 1996. Approximately 150 images hang on the walls of , representing some of Ginsberg’s most intimate documented moments that capture and immortalize an instance in time. The viewer’s relationship to the work, like a gesture of paying homage, shifts between the dual role of exhibitionism and voyeurism... [more]
Posted by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska on 10/24/14

Why Patti Loves Paris and Paris Loves Patti

by James Loks
Patti loves Paris and Paris loves Patti, and the question that I’d ask is why? Now right at the beginning, up front, I need to make a few things clear. First, let me state that this relates to our FIAC coverage because Patti is performing at the most sought after, and possibly the only gig to feature as part of the FIAC programme. It's a reunion with John Cale, on Thursday night, at Fondation Cartier. Since this hardly seems sufficient to qualify my bold assertion I’ll also add that in 2005... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 10/23/14

An invitation to re-draw conclusions; the editing of Karl Larsson

by Nicole Rodríguez Woods
In October 2013, Joanna Kamm hosted the Karl Larsson exhibition at her Berlin-Mitte gallery, Galerie Kamm. In 2014, a metaphorical twelve months later, the title has appeared in the gallery once again, playing host to a familiar roster of works save for select new additions. One such alteration is a shallow scratch in the plaster wall at the gallery’s entrance. The gash, Form Was Not Born From An Idea, It Was An Idea Vanishing, sets the tone for this re-visitation. The exhibition’s... [more]
Posted by Nicole Rodríguez Woods on 7/9/14

There Are Metaphors Everywhere: Heather Phillipson, Art Brussels SOLO Projects

by Heather Phillipson
Can art speak for itself? Heather Phillipson's voice is the deadpan monotone to hyper coloured installations and playfully bizarre videos: the ironic, non-plussed commentary to match the over-saturated, sardonic simulacra of our now everyday existence. Her voice accompanies us in the first-person, along with the sounds of dreamy love songs, navigating the open-ended narrative, through Freudian slips and homophones. For Phillipson, language is paramount; her other vocation, as a poet, confirms... [more]
Posted by Heather Phillipson on 4/22/14

I saw the clouds were beautiful and I watched them cover the sun.

by Debbie Broekers
Like a great pop song or a poem, Nina Yuen’s work enchants, making you feel like she’s speaking to you alone. Her performative films, which are currently on view at de Appel arts centre, bind the universal with the ultrapersonal. They fill the second floor of the Prins Hendrikkade space in an exhibition consisting mainly of these short, fantastical films of approximately six or seven minutes each, plus some prints titled as studies for her films and Lea. Although it is nice to see Yuen’s work... [more]
Posted by Debbie Broekers on 2/27/14

Renaming the World: An Interview with Michael Tedja

by Edo Dijksterhuis
Few contemporary artists are as productive and versatile as Michael Tedja. The speed at which he paints and draws is nearly frantic; his output is enormous in quantity and size. But that’s only one aspect of his artistry. He has recorded music and lectures, published two novels and regularly submits essays to national and international magazines. Besides this he is active as a curator, runs a publishing company (DFI Publishers), and has over the years become a fixture in the Amsterdam poetry... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 1/12/14

Authorial Checks and Balances

by S V Km
Sign. Sensation. Meaning. The conveyance of subjective experience has always been, if not at the heart, then in the blood of art. Hear, Natalie Czech’s new exhibition at Capitain Petzel is an eloquent experiment in mediation and interpretation coupling the conceit of synesthesia with her signature combination of text, collage, and photography. As the title suggests, the running theme questions an artist’s ability to convey her reception and interpretation of the world through a catalyzing... [more]
Posted by S V Km on 12/11/13
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