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ArtSlant Editions: Looking Back on the 2015 Issues of Our Inbox Magazine

by Andrea Alessi
Exhibition reviews and artist interviews have long been central to our editorial focus, but this year—in part as a reflection of how we see arts writing shifting in the digital age—we expanded the scope of ArtSlant's editorial project, exploring and introducing a much greater variety of content. In 2015 our Paris artists-in-residence blogged more than ever and we learned about art and audience in the ArtSlant podcast; we ran a popular series on non-profit art spaces and highlighted artists’... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 12/19/15

Performing Tables

by Caroline Picard
Laura Letinsky photographs material debris left behind on tabletops. Orange peels, breadcrumbs, partially consumed cakes, wine stains, or sometimes a more theatrical octopus spread out in evocative, transitory constellations. At any moment one imagines a figure will enter the picture frame, destroying the aesthetic confluence in an effort to wipe the table down and deposit all captured remnants in a trashcan. This is partly what’s so compelling about these photographs: framed by the camera... [more]
Posted by Caroline Picard on 3/25/15

Do It Anyway: Platforms of Perseverance in San Francisco

by Leora Lutz
From the Gold Rush to the Psychedelic era, through the tech boom and bust of the 1990s, San Francisco has been a mecca for prospectors, freaks and geeks, and mainstream challengers. But the city's hold on such monikers has been challenged lately, with populations touted as the “best and brightest” flooding in to work for major tech corporations and affecting the cultural landscape. San Francisco is currently in a heightened state of what the Situationists, particularly Guy Debord, referred to... [more]
Posted by Leora Lutz on 3/24/15

Mario Rising: Imagery, Identity, and Myth in an 8-bit Classic

by Guy Parker
The internet is a petri dish for myth and meme. Stories and ideas self replicate, mutate, spread themselves around. What is the tipping point for an idea to become so copiously proliferated that it achieves the status of something like ? Is it an unwillingness to question the idea's authority, pure dominance through abundance? Whilst looking at some medieval representations of hell online recently I came across the image above. It immediately reminded me of the 1981 arcade game Donkey... [more]
Posted by Guy Parker on 3/24/15

The Internet as a Platform for Art Criticism, and Dildos

by Char Jansen
The much-loathed profession of art criticism is facing an odd future online: the myth of the click web has turned out to be apocryphal, and according to recent research conducted by and written about by Chartbeat, we're heading towards the era of the "attention web." But traffic-seeking clickbait has not been completely disbanded. We know that last year one of the most searched for words on our site was "dildo." How does this data-crunching on how readers navigate, and on what they enjoy on our... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 3/24/15
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