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Why Haven’t I Given Up on the Art World?

by Erik Wenzel
It’s a cold rainy day in what has been an unusually cold and rainy summer in Switzerland. My face is melting in the most pleasant way as I lean my head against the windowpane. I’m feeling the air pressure rise and fall as the train zips in and out of tunnels through open fields. The landscape is beyond real. Electric green grass, rolling hills that lead to deep navy blue mountains capped in snow, and clouds that look exactly the way Plato would imagine clouds. I’m making a daytrip to Basel to... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 10/8/14

Can You Understand Graffiti without Breaking the Law?

by Allison Crawbuck
Growing up in an urban metropolis such as New York City, street art and graffiti had always been an inescapable part of everyday life. Catching a glimpse of Chinatown’s rooftops during a morning commute over the Manhattan bridge, driving along the narrow streets of the Lower East Side, passing by 5Pointz in its glory—it is never difficult to find traces of the local artists’ reclamation of public space once your eyes are opened to it. The distance, both literally and figuratively, from which we... [more]
Posted by Allison Crawbuck on 10/7/14

(cosmic) love and coffee in the times of digital alienation: Gia, Amalia, Rosetta, Marina

by Elise Lammer
is the color of teenagers' cheeks when they’re secretly falling in love   For the third time in Palo Alto by Gia Coppola, they meet. It’s daytime. They study at the same high school but not the same class. So much has happened since that disastrous party, they both thought it was over, their untold love would not survive. Walking towards each other, they pretend to not notice the disturbing presence of the other getting closer. They slow down their pace, in perfect harmony—look at each... [more]
Posted by Elise Lammer on 8/23/14

Mind the Gap: Between Art, Work, and Life

by Christina Catherine Martinez
—Robert Filliou  Sometime last fall, in a moment beyond reason, I took a two-hour bus ride to pick up a pair of $89 shoes that were then on sale for $14.99 at a Zara near the Santa Monica Pier. The bus ride was my penance for the deal, an enactment of the masochistic conflation of time with money. I read Chris Kraus' Where Art Belongs on the 704 as it lurched the long stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard, jotting crooked notes along the way, wondering if art is just a pretext for living a... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 7/28/14

The Standard Book of Color: Obsidian Black #161928

by Andrew Berardini
Surely black, but so lively one cannot catch its true hue. Volcanic glass cooled too fast to crystalize, scientists never can quite call it a mineral or capture its color too closely. Depending on the angle of shimmer however, approximates exist.   Named by Pliny the Elder as , after a dubious claim that it was discovered by a Greek of that name, the gem gained its "d" from a printer’s error. The Aztecs called obsidian itzli, a force that found form in the macahuitl.   A wood sword... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 7/8/14

You Are Free: On Self-Exploitation in Art

by Andrew Berardini
Philip quietly put away the various things which he had shown. "I'm afraid that sounds as if you didn't think I had much chance." Monsieur Foinet slightly shrugged his shoulders. "[...] You will never be anything but mediocre." Philip obliged himself to answer quite steadily. "I'm very grateful to you for having taken so much trouble. I can't thank you enough." Monsieur Foinet got up and made as if to go, but he changed his mind and, stopping, put his hand on Philip's shoulder. "But if... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 4/8/14

Patron (Almighty, The): A Satirical Portrait of the Patron We Love to Hate

by Philippa Snow
He is the Patron, and he is your King. He is the God of the artworld, even more than Jeff "vacuum-cleaner" Koons, or Richard Prince, with his visions of "Spiritual America": the nubile young female with the movie-star make-up in the U.S.A-grade bubble-bath. You overheard at Trisha's that he once paid a St Martins graduate to drink a bottle of Newport lighter fluid and vomit it up and set it on fire, like a real-life conceptual dragon, and wondered, idly if this was the same St Martins student... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 3/27/14

Iva Gueorguieva’s Projector Compressor

by Sarah Bay Gachot
You think I’m describing your lover to you, exactly the night you met, twenty years ago. “But what about...” you begin, and think better of it, allowing me my impressions, limited and one-dimensional compared to yours—you, who sought and found all the ecstatic tickling flutters and sudden despairs of the heart, explored every hill and dale of their form, caught every nuance of manner and nervous tick. But I’m not writing about your lover. This is about the paintings and sculpture of Iva... [more]
Posted by Sarah Bay Gachot on 2/9/14

Effortlessness, It’s Never Easy if You Try

by Christina Catherine Martinez
Seeking to postpone stock experiences and squeeze them all into our few days together, I avoided visiting the Tower until my mother arrived. We didn’t eat macarons at Ladurée, we didn’t get hot chocolate at Café de Flore, we didn’t jostle for selfies with La Joconde, but we went to the Tower. The visit itself is a symbolic gesture, because the symbol literally haunts no matter where you are in the world. Those curving lines, stretching skyward like a bit of pinched and pulled-up landscape, are... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 1/21/14

Self Aware: Zoe Crosher x Garry Winogrand

by Chelsea Rector
When I downloaded Snapchat onto my phone, I anticipated texted pics of my friend’s private parts. Fresh and naïve, or aloof and repressed, I assumed Snapchat, that’s by extension #selfie culture, had only one thing in mind. Snapchat is an app for text and picture messaging, mostly for cell phones. Everything sent through Snapchat disappears within seconds after being received and opened. If it’s not explicit, why else would you want your pictures to vanish seconds after the recipient views... [more]
Posted by Chelsea Rector on 11/22/13
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